Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busted cell phone

My current Samsung Smiley has no external audio (though it can make phonecalls just fine) so there's no ringtone or what not.  Vibrate works, but it's caused me to miss QUITE a few texts and calls.  Sometimes T-Mobile will not send texts until the next day on occasion.  Probably pissed off quite a few folks, "Hey, where are you buddy?"  I was a bit peeaved as well, "Why aren't people calling me?  I thought we were gonna meet up at such-and-such a place!"  Luckily, I have another antiquated cellphone and the chip slips out and then into the other just fine, keeping all the data, which is good.  I'll have to do that when I get back from my "TDY".

I've been sleeping a LOT and getting up at stupid hours, like getting back to the hotel room at 4pm and sleeping until midnight, then nothing's open for food.  The hotel's "breakfast" (more like make-fast, as it encourages one NOT to eat ever again) is deplorable.  Microwaved ham and cold eggs.  Coffee over-ground to espresso-fineness, a foolish, beginner's mistake.

Personnel I'm investigating here do NOT have their act together, resorting in deplorable recovery techniques such as rebooting entire architectures for simple fixes.  Easily stressed-out over a set of 2 tasks or more, Gordon Ramsay would not be pleased.  On my day 2, early in the morning they had to go to meetings so I ran the whole section myself with only 6 hours training.  I succeeded in solving a lot of their failures, but got no applause or thanks.  Pathetic.

I'll be working on a v-v-video for my song cover I did recently (available at under the MUSIC tab).  My idea is using LSMaker, creating timedoorways I can run through and try to escape an unseen enemy in different settings, mostly at night.  I'm asking different folks for camera-holding work to see if they're interested.

Well, time for my morning ablutions, I hope no meteorites land on me today.

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