Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too cold!

12 degrees outside?  Man, that's just too cold!  What's up with that?  Guess there's some math involved, meteorology and what-not.  Global warming was recently debunked, which is nice.  Sorry hippies.  It's just you didn't shave your gnarly hair.  Sometimes that patchouli-oil makes the pours block-up.  Try soap, and a hot shower!  Gets the dirt off.  You know what also helps?  A job, and less pot.  Just sayin'.

It's sad, there's a lot of bands ecking there way up the hill, trying to make a stance, somehow, yet I'm strangely not interested in them, even if they're talented.  Quite a few very talented musicians with debut albums but their work doesn't grip me.  I think the digital age has stripped the soul of the music.  When I was growing up, LPs were still the all the rage, played through analog devices of a record player and tube'd amplifier.  The whole digital thing sounds so .. cold.  Even my own work, despite all my vacuum tube'd devices, eventually is squirreled-down into a USB 2.0 analog-to-digital converter, albiet cleverly and with minimal destruction.. it's still eventually digital.  Not much by way of avoiding it.  CDs are still popular-ish, and horrible MP3 files are all the fashion still, and the compression-hound of iTunes just rapes the quality to soullessness leaving a mere shadow fragment of what the true instruments were.  I try to burn DVD-Audio discs but when I try to publish the tunes, they eventually get downgraded to 24-bit audio by way of YouTube or worse.  Problem is storage space for these music hubs, and the want for a video experience by the customer like a modern-day MTV.  Without a video production that's interesting the audio alone doesn't satisfy the ADHD folks anymore:  doesn't cut it, plain and simple.  It's why though my okay attempts at Rush covers aren't so popular.  It's sad I don't get a lot of thumbs-up, though I've asked some local listeners of the tunes and they said it was good, so there's a laziness factor involved.  Still, I suspect the listener is subliminally reacting to the digital versus analog recording as well.. and a lot of people just don't get Rush.  It's sort of like egg-custard.  Either you love it or it's.. meh.  My cover of Limbo is full of all sorts of analog lushness, yet YouTube makes it sound fizzy.  At least my Denon receiver warms it up a tad, but it's only CD-quality audio which maximizes at 16-bit, 44.1kHz, though I recorded at TWICE the resolution at 32-bit and 192kHz!!!  DVD-A can produce 24-bit, 192kHz at least.

Can anyone recommend a DVD-Audio burning freeware package, like a WAV to MP4 converter?

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