Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Frame a Figg

Don Knotts of The Andy Griffith Show, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, etc. etc., etc. stars in How to Frame a Figg as a sub-par mayoral accountant given a huge computer to an embezzling town Mayor and his cabinet after firing Don's other three far-more capable accountants to hide several hundred thousands of dollars by his ineptitude.

Don has a love interest jaded by a sneaky new secretary as Don is promoted to Head Commissioner of finances for the town.  To my delight, the secretary who has Don sign various incriminating documents placed by the mayoral cabinet is none other than Batman's Yvonne Craig in her last role.

The movie is vintage 1970, though Wiki says it's 1971 (woops, Wiki ain't perfect) and Yvonne vamps it up against always-portrayed-innocent Don Knotts to the anger of waitress Elaine Joyce who dumps tomato juice all over her tight sweater.  Comic relief-re'tard Frank Welker makes it Apple Dumpling Gang goofy, but a cast of 1960s all-stars fixes that, including McHale's Navy's (1961-1966) "Lead-bottom Binghamton" Joe Flynn!

It's nice to see Yvonne using her mad skillz as a hottie, though the mayor announces, "Put those two away, darling, nothing's connected downstairs anymore." as she flashes her ta-tas (clothed, mind-you, it's rated G.)  Another memorable line is when Don's waitress waves out the window as Don flaps the window-shade across the street, head-waitress Grace asks her, "Is that all you two ever do?  He flaps and you wave?"  She excitedly replies, "Uh-huh!!"  Grace denotes, "I hope you're on the pill."  This is interesting that though the "pill" existed in the late 1950s, it wasn't available US-wide until right around that time, and it was quite controversial.  Amusing none-the-less.

Still, it's nice to see Yvonne as a surprise guest one last time, and she hasn't lost her charm since Star Trek or as BatGirl.

Yvonne Craig image tribute below:
Telling Adam West how it is

Too hot for TV looking innocent.. almost

As an Orion slave-girl
(note* they produce male-controling pheremones.. Kirk escaped her lures)

Figg's vampish secretary

Don Knotts, failing his saving-throw

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