Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 3:

  We arrive on Barbados on our 11th Anniversary with Becky vomiting onion rings and all things Johnny Rockets.  Our shore excursion of "Snorkeling on a 5-star Catamaran complete with champagne breakfast amongst sea-turtles" has to be cancelled.  Royal Caribbean refunds us completely (made saving throw natural 20, D&D rules 3.5) so we get back our 350 bucks).  We spend the majority of the day in darkness of the room (no window after all, which is a surprise blessing) and I make sure she stays hydrated.  She's also congested and feels just all-out sick.
  By 2pm she's willing to set foot on shore for a few minutes and we buy a few trinkets at the Duty Free but even that was a lot for her, as it's always a long walk from the pier, but we also get a few shirts soon to amble back as she's feeling really sick now like she's come down with a cold.  A deary calypso band plays as we disembark.

 Barbados seems very industrial, or at least the port we're at.  I didn't take a lot of photos as I was more fretting over Becky's well-being.  The water's pretty though.

  At the Duty Free "mall" I get my picture taken with a pirate statue.. yay.  Cuz', like.. it's a pirate statue, not to be confused with a pyrite statue, which would look like a gold-ish crystalline entity.  After an hour we get back onboard and put her to bed.
  Later that night I venture out to find Crux again, but the clouds laugh at me and Vella waves rudely again at about 27 degrees declination.  Defeated, I return to the dark stateroom and get in bed with Becky.  I kiss her burning forehead and make sure she takes some medication (aside from the standard Roofies I supply her so she stays married to me), read a little Joan d' Arc by Mark Twain by a little LED light supplied agaist the wall and go to sleep restlessly watching over Beck. 

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