Friday, February 3, 2012

Nice to be home and.. remastering

Sure is good to be home.  Colorado got a little slap in the face with the recent weather.  Though in my opinion it's not all that bad, several places closed-shop today here in Colorado Springs, Becky stranded at work as the base is locked-down.  I hope they open the gates before too long.

While waiting, I watched Gordon Ramsay's Best Restaurant series which was pretty good, and I think I'll re-watch the movie Wolverine perhaps, unless some Netflix made it to my mailbox or something is good to stream.  I dislike streaming because of the lack of audio and video quality despite PS3's admirable job upscaling it along with my Denon receiver making it look acceptable on the theater screen.  Can anyone recommend a single show to watch via streaming?

While waiting, I also remastered my cover of Witch Hunt I performed last year.  When I made it, the vocals were lost (not completely a bad thing as I'm a mediocre singer) and a lot of the nuances were evaporated.  From the original recordings I was able to up the vocals a tad and play around a bit with the volume to get the right sound.  I didn't add anything ala George Lucas, though I suppose I could have re-sung the tune or added more vicious guitars, I chose instead to simply remaster it to 32-bit quality (and 24-bit for the YouTube crowd, as most people don't have 32-bit audio at home).  Apple users and cellphone users won't be able to notice too much as they're at 16-bit audio which is SuperNintendo-quality, but at least it's remastered in stereo and not surround-sound, so most people at least have that.  Most IBM/Windows-based PCs should be able to get the 24-bit audio just fine, however.  I'm content with the remastering.

I grudgingly decided to release my cover of Limbo, Part II of the Gangster of Boats Trilogy on YouTube as well today, again downgraded from 32 to 24-bit audio.  There's an odd bass part that came out tinny about 3/4ths of the way through I might fix-up someday.  I was going to wait until I did a full video movie with the help of some mates to make it look like Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits with timedoorways and me running from some mysterious, unseen foe, but I decided finally to just get the song out there for people to listen to and keep the Land of the Lost theme for now.  The video release with complete special effects will have these deleted and probably get that mini-bass solo fixed, as well as a keyboard-y intro extended.  The keyboards during Enik's dialogue are faint but I did those on top of his talking.  I'll probably amp those up when I complete filming.

Keep warm, folks.

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