Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phoebe Cates strikes again

So while making a link to Phoebe Cates' Date With an Angel (circa 1987) I commented that I was amused that the angel (played by Emmanuelle BĂ©art) was retarded.  Indeed, if you YouTube it you'll notice that the angel talks like a re'tard making muppet-like marf-marf sounds and also doesn't know how to manipulate french-fries and the like and gets into mild antics as comic relief.  When I watched it in the theaters, I recognized that the director was pushing for the "innocent" and "sweet" angle.  Not a hard concept to wrap your head around.  Misplaced angel trying to deal with Earth while hearthrob token male Jim Sanders considers dumping spoiled boss's-daughter bitchy Phoebe Cates to be with the angelic girl.  Personally, I'd chose Phoebe's chipmunky cheeks any day, and present her with golden acorns from the Garden of Hephaestus.

Anyway I made a comment suggesting that Emmanuelle's angelic character was retarded and how funny it is, looking back in retrospect and a poster ignited me with this:

She was not Reatared, she was like a little Kid, she didn't knew how the "real world" was...(by the way that still sound very ignorant from you)

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