Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Commericals on Web-based TV shows

So, a couple of things.. firstly, taken by surprise by Jerry Seinfeld pushing a new Acura NSX.  It's a V6 hybrid which might work, but not supposed to come out until 2015 it turns out, so blah.  Styling will obviously degrade (as did the Chevy Volt) and the hype will make it boring and irrelevant before it's even out.

Ragu has several moms lying to their kids, and shoving Facebook into it.  Bothers me because it says these moms are willing to lie in desperation, then smile about it.  Pretty evil commentary on America, as opposed to discipline.  The other moms smile in approval.  Smacks of an impending or soon-to-impend failed marriage, as she's willing to bold-face-lie to get what she wants.  If  "mom" is making Ragu as a sauce, she needs to drink cyanide and die somewhere.  It's just Hunt's ketchup but less flavor.  Women making Ragu as a sauce would die homless and loveless and alone in New England.  Ragu is an insult where I'm from as it has negative soul and negative flavor.  Ragu is a punchline like "New Jersey" is.  Teaching kids that Ragu sauce is okay is like teaching kids they're empowered to receive awards for participation who then "OWS" Occupy Wall Street thinking that the guy driving by who earned his entry-level Mercedes is a jerk becuase they also deserve one!  Ragu is a destroyer of souls, and of worlds.  Learn to make a f*cking sauce, please.  And lose some weight while you're at it.  And get a job.

Hyundai badly attempts to promote a shitty car using 1986's Salt n' Peppa's Push It!  I don't know what makes me most angry, the bad gas milage (27 mpg) the "hybrid" produces, the bad overall car in-general (acceleration 0-60 @7.2sec, lateral G: 0.79) or that Cheryl James and Sandra Denton sold-out this song for a few quick bucks the same way Jimmy Page did with the shit-tacular song, Come with Me was for the bottom worst movie of all-time, Godzilla featuring Mathew Brodrick (now married to the Donkey-faced Witch-Queen Sarah Parker).  What bothers me most is that car commercials try to excite the boring too much.  Wrong demographic, Koreans.  Get back to your No-Dong missile.  What-a type-a missile?  A No.. DONG!!!  It-a stearlth tech-a-nol-a-gy.  Herrrro.  Shtop bustin' mah barlz!

America has reached a new low.  Pathetic.

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