Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Spanking!


  I remember back in the very early 1970's, kids were far more disciplined.  Back then, if you did something wrong in the neighborhood, if a "grown up" caught you doing a light evil, such as my crime of smashing a Coke bottle in the street, glass everywhere, you'd be yelled at and possibly spanked.  Yep.  It was the neighborhood's duty that if a kid's parents weren't around it was totally okay to give that kid a whooping right then and there.  Furthermore, the parents would find out eventually, then go over and thank that person for doing the right thing, a downright beating.

 In today's society, estrogen-enriched males cower at the thought of actual discipline, especially in public.  All parents allow kids to run around a venue, jump in their seat at a movie theater, throw popcorn or food or whatever.  Just fine.  They almost encourage bad behavior.  I don't know if this is right.

You want your daughter to turn out like Lindsey?
  I rarely went to a restaurant as a kid under 10.  When I was taken, even at McDonald's, there were rules.  I had to be quiet and eat my meal and generally finish it until I could eat no more, which wasn't really a big deal as the Happy Meal wasn't invented yet, I'd get the kid-sized portions and be content as can be.  We were not allowed to play with our food or be loud.  Later, afterwards, we could go outside and play and run around and play tag or what-not and be a bit loud, sure.  There was a time and a place for things and discipline was mildly enforced for safety's sake.

You want this to be your kid?
  Now I see kids on airplanes doing whatever they please like chimpanzees having a Xanax meltdown.  They're fed fast-food every day.  I'd say it's okay maybe on a weekly basis like a Saturday family lunch outing but shoving salt and sugar into a kid's face will make him brain-freaked, no?  Parents also give their kids constant color-explosion-violence while commuting in vehicles by way of in-car DVD players, smart-phones, and video games so the kids don't have to actually hear their own thoughts (or have any).  Again, somewhat fine I guess, though it leaves no room for that little thing I remember called "wonder" but most parents these days have instant information so they never need to know and go to sleep "wondering" anything.  Sad, really.  Kids will never know "wonder" or value it as a quest, the knowledge cheapened by the lack of the magic of discovery.  I'm not against kids getting input, but the parents don't think it through and give no documentaries or scientific fact-based shows on DVD.  Educational games are dead, and the "apps" put on smart-phones are mindless.

Good parent Casey likes to par-tay.
Casey's house may now be empty, but she's holding 5 Aces!
  I'm really afraid of Generation Ten.  Generation Zero is lazy and empty, giving birth to more empty people to whom marijuana will be a fact of life, numb and sloppy.  I will at least be valued more for being marginally intelligent and drug-free but also hated and despised for my success of choosing a less-traveled road of discipline and thought.

What you think your kid actually looks like to everyone else.

What your kid actually looks like.

   If a parent saw a neighbor spanking their kid briefly for say, dismembering a cat alive, the parent would sue that neighbor because parents in this age are hyper-overly protective of children.  Instead of teaching them how to be smart and safe, they teach them to just be stupid and not take that precious time to have them learn the basics and the importance of not going with that man in the black van with the candy.  Sigh.  The parent should thank that neighbor and then beat the kid himself, explaining that the cat feels pain too and it will never be alive again, it's soul ripped asunder due to the malevolence and hatred the child committed.  Nope.  Neighbor is sued.  Kid is given ice-cream because the parent is too conceited to think his or her offspring is evil incarnate and can't admit being a bad person and "wrong".  Hence, we get Obama as President and defenders of that choice are still in denial as several of my friends are losing their job soon.  Not okay, and the Ukraine begs us for help and we do nothing.  Weak.  The entire World thinks we're a weak nation, and that stems from the vanity of bad parenting.

You want interfere with Russian overthrow of nations?  You my b*tch, monkey-boy.  Da.  Eat it.  You like?  Da?

   Kids didn't wear safety gear on bikes, didn't wear seat belts, were NEVER driven to school at age 6, even if it was miles away.  Kids learned self-reliance, not reliance of parents and then later the government.  Self-reliance is so vital to survival.  I can see a huge flux of Aldus Huxley's A Brave New World dial-a-drug for coping in the next 10 years.  Thanks Gen Ten.  Ugh.

Our future through bad parenting.

  So.  Beat your kids a bit as necessary.  Maybe one time in their life.  They'll never forget that.. and learn.  They have to listen to you.  You are the force of discipline.  They need some.  Just a bit of focus.  I'm not saying beat them all the time, but a very rare spank can get them to pay attention to you and actually value you and what you have to say and behave.  Sometimes just one time in their life, not overdone mind-you.  I'm not talking Joan Crawford Mommy Dearest here, just a little one-time swack. 

Note*  This is overkill.  Sorry Joan.  I promise no more wire coat-hangers, eh?  Now let's hug it out.

  Talk to your closest neighbors and know who they are and let them know that if your kids are doing evil things, that they have the right to discipline them on-the-spot (a bit) and let you know so corrective actions can take place.  TELL your kids the importance of being quiet and sitting still and HAVE your kids learn through PBS shows or educational television.  Have them ask difficult questions and SHOW them where and how to find out and get several answers and make the best choice on their own.  And.. most of all.. SPANK them sometimes if they deserve it.

Trayvon had actually stolen the Skittles according to the shop-keep, but that wasn't mentioned in the case as it would bias.

Note*  This is towards no one in particular.  Also, if they're over 11 you really can't discipline them in the same way, this is more geared towards under 11 years old.  After that, you're on your own.  Maybe use a TASER, I dunno.

I wonder what Bettie's "big mistake" was?  Tsk. tsk.

  So are you as a parent doing anything wrong?  Probably not.  Some are obviously so, the one's that aren't paying attention to their children's upbringing.  I know a good portion try to do the right thing.  Just remember that a little discipline goes a long way.  Now about those trophies for everything...

Bettie considering trying to be a good girl instead.


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