Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brain Dead

Where you at, Mike Cronis?  Did you forget our.. meeting?
  Sometimes I just have to .. stop.  Things just get all screw-barred in my brain-head and I feel like Life just sort of runs-on like a.. run-on.. sentence.  Today, I did mostly nothing.  Well, mostly mostly nothing.  I visited a few Goodwill stores in search of some 8-track tapes as I'm going to install a new-in-box 1982 8-Track player in my 2012 Corvette Grand Sport "Rosie".  Unit won't fit where the ashtray goes as it's too bulky (shucks).  Might have to install it on the passenger side somewhere, or the glove-box perhaps, or I could glue-gun it to the dash (ahem).  I'll probably wire it up tomorrow, though I started searching for the accouterments to install it into the fuse-box, I gave up because.. I'm brain-dead today.

How I feel in Space Command sometimes.

  I'm not sure why.  I can't think today.  I have no creativity and I can't add 2 and 2 (eleven?)  Brain is numb.  I was very sharp-witted earlier this week but my mind went into shutdown mode.  Maybe my brain is Windows XP-based?  (There was actually an 11-part update for XP the day after Microsoft indicated there would be no more updates.  hm..)

Kitty Kitty is their Lord.

  Took some pants to get them tailored (too long) though it won't be ready for several days (boo) at $13 (more boo, I thought it'd be $5).  Got my bike back from being refitted (to fit me, as I'm a bit short) from LSE Racing in Wheatridge on Saturday.  Very well done work (as usual) from Larry there.  Quite balanced.  Impressive.

  But, aside from wandering, hitting Gunter Toody's '50s Diner here in the Springs (annoyingly, and I've mentioned this to the owner, they play '50s and '60s music, which are two entirely different genres, almost totally different universes to the alien visitor) (see my blog on Best of the 1960's and 1950's for further review [click those years to the links])  I actually neglected to indicate the popularity of 3D movies in the 1950's which then arose in the 1980's for a little while too.  No one liked them then and no one really likes them now (for the most part, Gravity being a mandatory exception).  Gunter Toody's (based on the character from the early '60s TV show, Car 54 Where Are You? staring Fred Gwynne [Herman Munster] and Joe Ross ["Oooo!  Oooo!"])  Kids nowadays probably won't remember the 1961-1963 show, but it had a lasting affect on Americana for dozens of years afterwards, well into the '90s with the horrible movie in 1994, which I deem one of the worst movies of all time (shame, really).  Dave click this response here (not work safe) to make-up for the film.

The food is actually decent and diner-esque, cheating from time-to-time but authentic enough the chicken-fried-chicken sandwich is sublime and huge and the green-chili (on a burger, hash-browns or scrambled eggs) is best in Colorado in my book.  The malt-powder double-chocolate malt shake is excellent.

Spread it.

Hey, Bard.  What year is it?!
  I just needed today to .. recharge my brain I think.  I actually took a nap, something I never do.  Oh, my two pear trees came in and I helped direct planting of those near my two peach trees adjacent to my two apple trees (an actual grove now I warrant, by Jove!)  I really should finish my homework for college but I have tomorrow to complete some of it and 'till Sunday to complete the rest.  I'd only mash-up junk of a report if I did it now, my brain dis-con-junction-ated. 

I like how he's both serious (on the left) and fun-loving (on the right) and arguably spiritual: "Are you there, Lord?  It's me, Mark.  My vagina is six colors."

  So, I leave you with some horrible superhero costumes to enjoy.


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  1. I would say that the wolverine with the forks and knives is the most dangerous.