Monday, April 21, 2014

Whale Petting Simulator and Goat Simulator

Dead whale on the moon sent passionately by Mexican Space Command due to a ventriloquistic prank on SouthPark

  I noticed a rather interesting game called "Whale Petting Simulator 2014" and I made a few comments to great delight on YouTube.  Here's the video attached below and the comments, and I added links to click in various places for this blog to enjoy..:



Mike Cronis
2 weeks ago
I got very upset with this game because there was no sub-menu to select different whales, and that fact is distracted by the included mini-game "Fence Jumping Simulator" which could easily be a stand-alone game.

I heard there is gonna be DLC for this one, including more whales and two new fences. It's called the epic blowhole pack.
I'm looking forward to extended content as an Expansion Pack: Epic Blowhole Pack, but the fences distract from the actual "whale petting".  The fences should be its own game!  I keep getting distracted by that fence when I should be focusing on the main quest, "whale petting".

Yeah i see your point, sure when they see how much money this game makes the 2015 edition will have them seperate so they can earn twice as much!

I'm sick of this company releasing a new "Whale Petting Simulator" every year, then in June releasing an Expansion Pack or Special Edition to maintain the hype.  I remember the first one in 1981, it was all ASCII art and MIDI and there WAS NO FENCE!  Sorry, I'm a purist.
I liked the 1988 version better. Finally mouse support. The keyboard felt a bit stiff, didn't really feel like i was there you know. But with the mouse it was like you really had your arm in there.

Admitting, the NES version was the best where you could use the powerglove to really pet the whale.

I'd have to agree with you on the mouse and the Special Edition Virtual Reality Deluxe Limited Edition Helmet 360 really captured a lot of the action but I secretly preferred the Odyssey 2 Master Strategy version in 1983 with the Voice module, though not as neo as the Fairchild Channel F and Vectrex emulator prototypes.

I was born in 1983 and the bastards didn't made a baby edition so its before my time. My first version was Whale patting simulator 87, kindergarden edition. It had brighter collors and was educational as it learned you how to pat a actual whale.

I wish the Whale Petting Simulator incorporated the Baby Edition Trainer from 1987.  The learning curve is too steep and a lot of "mis-pets" are happening, resulting in less efficient whale petting.  I've thoroughly explored the Baby Edition and the color palate, though distracting at first, make for some fine whale-petting and there was no distracting "Fence" mini-game.  Expansion Packs for the Deluxe Mozart-Learning Edition included in the 1987 version were all of Mozart's music in MIDI, a verbal tutorial by George Takei, and a "trophy" system for various petting victories.

Ah yeah the classic George Takei verbal tutorial. Who can forget the "O my"  each time you patted the whale. Real classic that was. But i heard Takei began to ask to much money now that he was famous for his performance in Whale Simulator. For 1988 they took some minor rather unknown actor, someone called Morgan Freeman. Needless to say his performance was terrible.

I hope they gonna release a HD version of the Baby Edition (and keep the midi's in place) or at least release it on GOG so i can play it on a modern computer.

I enjoyed the actual whale voice-overs. They were of very poor, 8-bit quality but they had a charm that is just unsurpassed. "Stay a while and pet me."

 Yes, very similar to Impossible Mission's "Stay a while.. stay FOREVER!"  I remember when Atari tried to do a cassette-system-based version.  It was massive and had to be shipped by freight, and it used a propane generator to run it, and liquid nitrogen to cool-off the cart once you got close to the whale itself.  Kids take for granted the evolution of Whale Petting Simulator 2014 but it's come a long way.  Currently, the PS4 version is in development-hell because it's being done by the guys that did Grand Turismo.  They hype is just too much.  I expect the 2015 version to not come out on-time for Christmas. 

1 week ago
Atleast its not done by Gearbox.....they would show a awesome press demo with super amazing graphics, a great AI and hand control. Just to release a butt ugly game that come no where near the graphics the screenshots, trialers and the press demo been showing off. And they would have replaced the Whale for some corporation guy. Also the hand would be coming in DLC knowing those bastards.
I also enjoyed "Goat Simulator" for your delight.  Rather interesting things happen.  Enjoy and out.


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