Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hooray for Captain Spaulding


  Got all the things I needed for my 8-track install now, including a hi/lo RCA ohms converter and I think a flux capacitor is in the mix somewhere, and my very first multi-meter!  I chose analog for it's inefficiency and nostalgia.  The 8-track player goes into my technologically advanced Corvette Grand Sport 2012 AUX-Port for irony and low-tech cool factor.  Found one unused on eBay.  Gotta love eBay.


  My CBR600RR/A "Black Tiger" is enjoying the weather, and I was able to start a finicky Ninja 250R I have lurking in the garage, though I didn't take her out.

2009 Honda CBR600RR/A (ABS) "Black Tiger"  Meow.

  I went to Bass Pro Shops in quest for a good knife.  I've never owned a decent one, just a few Chinese pig-steel models like "Fury II" made of crappy aluminum, too soft for actual work-work.  Got a Kershaw BlackOut that's "spring assisted" meaning once you start to open the folded blade, it snaps-to rather quickly, somewhat like a switch-blade, though it's a folded knife, not one that's embedded in the handle and ejects upward.  Black Out will merely require a light touch, pushing on the thumb-nodule about 1/3rd the way, the knife will finish the last 2/3rds of opening, SNIKT! rather snappily.  After reading about it now, I actually made a wise purchase.  I went in cold, not knowing of knives too much, except I wanted one from Ah'Murica and was considering a Spyderco brand (has a little spider on it) but a lot of those come from China now (didn't used to) and, well f*** that!  I strongly considered a honing (sharpening) stone as well, but I'm not a Master Honer (there's actually professions of this, and legendary masters of it for swords and what-not) so I explained to the worker there that I'd probably do more damage than actually sharpen it, which he agreed.  Still, in town there's plenty of decent artisans who are at least Professional Honers, and that'll do the trick when-needed.  Not a fan of a serrated inside portion as they just make a mess, really, and sharpening requires, again, a Master Honer Samurai-dude or something like that with the finishing touches requiring a little powder-ball  (hazuyia).  Nope.  I'm not ready for that yet.  Nope.

Kershaw Made in USA "Black Out" spring-assisted knife.

The "strawberry" here is my final paper.  Yep.
  Finished my two classes in college, one was Astronomy and rather difficult calculating distances of galaxies based on Cepheid Variable stars.  The final exam was cumulative and brutal, the textbook over 1000 pages (we did it all in 8 weeks, 150 pages a week).  Still, I got an "A" in the class, somehow.  When I mention that I got an A in both the beginner writing class and Astronomy, everyone says, "Of course you did."  Sigh.  Am I that predictable?  Virgos aren't that bad, are we?  The teacher in the writing class said she wanted to save my paper for "dessert" but that I had submitted it 5 days early she had no choice but to read it.  Got a 100% on it, again, somehow, but I'm beyond flattered I have a reader who appreciates it.  I had to do it on left-right brain hemispheres and learning through music.  For my Bachelor's in Science, 2 down, 20 to go, though I'm loathe to finish it early as I'm getting a Post-9/11 Bill stipend due to my 15 years military service of about $700 a month to do it, tax-free.  Might take me .. two years to finish it.  I only get this because I didn't use my rather shitty Montgomery GI Bill promised to every military member in the '80s and '90s.  Thought it was a waste.  Turns out my nose-upturning was a good idea.  Thanks for the Snowcone, Snoopy! (note* the "Punch Flavor" tasted like pink hot plastic death, ah the '70s).

  Went to a small chain called Bourbon Brothers for lunch.  The menu had some 200 bourbons available but I was angry the "Old Fashioned" on the menu had no soda water and the cherry was muddled (personal preference not to have it muddled).  I mentioned this to the bartendress Stephanie and she quickly snapped-to and indicated the proper method I described would be no problem at all and that soothed my deepening rage to a small ember again, and back into that Irish "Well of Hatred" that can be drawn forth at any moment like Robert De Niro at the end of Taxi Driver (1976).  (Worth a watch btw).  Overwhelmed by the selections, I asked for a recommendation. 

Note*  This menu was difficult to obtain and had to convert from XPS to Jpeg, then fit it in.  They actually have a "limited time only" section of about 20 more bourbons.

Decidedly NOT "Stephanie" the bartender.
  She asked what I liked and I mentioned Macallan 18, 1987 or Macallan 30 perhaps, so she nodded and recommended Eagle Rare which I asked for "neat, please".  She briefly looked up, "That's the only way I would serve it, sir."  Well done, miss.  Well done.  Flavor smacked complexly of honey, vanilla, toffee, orange, and, as always with bourbon, wood.  Smooth to drizzle I approved.  Had the St.Louis ribs.  Sweet and barely any smoke flavor, if at all like smoke from a cigarette blown over it.  Still, impressive.  Honey-soaked cornbread in its own pan was almost flan-like, though carb-insane I had a tiny nibble only.  Sautéed vegetables were uninteresting and uneventful but acceptable.  The restaurant is good.  Didn't ask for more, one's enough for lunch.  I asked what besides Maker's Mark would she recommend for an Old Fashioned to which she needed to think.  I gave her time and she recommended 4 Roses Limited Reserve as it balances the orange and cherry.  I agreed, such that it wouldn't taste like kindergarten which she laughed and heartily agreed.  I'll be back.

  That's it.  Boring post.  All you get for now until tomorrow.



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  2. I am glad you did not have to pull from the well on the waitress.