Monday, April 14, 2014

The Soviet Union's Super Plan Deluxe with Cheese

  I've figured out the Soviet Union's masterwork plan, 25 years in the making (or more).  In December of 1991, "The Bear" (Soviet Union), unable to support it's own mass, split-up its remaining nation-states that were taxing on the Union itself, demanding welfare, etc. 


During this time, Putin was head of the KGB.  This is a very big deal.

Putin (circled) successfully pretends to be a tourist during a visit by Ronald Reagan.

  From 1991 onwards, Russia then strengthened its inner core.  Putin selected Boris Yeltsin, a known drunkard, as a figurehead to make sure Putin's Grand Strategy would not be interfered with and simulate an end to the Cold War.  Anyone in the military who works any sort of operations knows this is not the case, that we've been cat-and-mousing Russia continuously and smaller, unheard-of-by-the-public battles take place quite often.  Most Americans are unaware of the arsenal and true capabilities of various countries.  Anyone in the military who actually did something "non-support-based" (like admin or civil-engineer or dentist, etc.) know this is true firsthand and that the Iraq War was valid on many levels, hidden from the public (note* it had nothing to do with 9-11 whatsoever, that was something else entirely as we were distracted with more pressing matters.   I was working at Cheyenne Mt. at the time and we had a lot more concern until it was too late because the Canadians dropped the ball (again) with their scrambling their leased F-18 Hornets and some argument with the air-towers (I worked with one of them in North Dakota later-on, and that's something he has to try to live with that he screwed-up, though counseling has eased that a bit) causing delay in response by 23 crucial minutes over an argument of validity.  My job at the time was tasking the space sensor network and collision avoidance of manned-spaceflight.  I was able to have the shuttle move twice due to incoming debris, one a close-call, the other a near-collision without of which lives would have been lost (I got a plaque and an achievement medal because I was only a Staff Sergeant).

  Putin then strengthened the Russian space-program (I was always in awe when despite great famine in Russia in 1997 they would still launch a lot of satellites).  He then pretended to have a democratic state though more of a mob-state as if Al Capone became President of the United States, allowing and controlling drug and human trafficking and getting a fair "cut" on all illegal and untraceable transactions.  Those who tried to cheat that system were destroyed brutally. 

  Now that we have an amazingly weak president internationally, Putin is in charge.  There have been a lot of transactions between Putin and Obama than the American public know about.  Putin has explained his intentions and told Obama to placate the lower-class with cheap phones and marijuana and more social programs for the lazy.  (Note* The already-existing social programs were already heavily bloated, and in my opinion only 10% are truly in-need, not 55% currently getting a hand-out, such as "disabled" vets (who I work with) who can still actually work at a job but have "sleep apnea" (aka snoring), being overweight causing back pain, or muscle cramps).  Hey man, that's life.  You'd be that way anyway not being a veteran!  Still, there are many vets that deserve some compensation that I've met.  I've just met a lot that are admittedly cheating the system, hence a hand-out unjustified.  What honor?!  There's those getting free social programs for a lot of reasons.  Unemployment comes from one's own mandatory contribution, and it's my opinion social-security for those over 65 make fine sense (again, it varies from individual to individual, and they already paid into it during their time working).  Some free handouts though.. I've seen some real laziness and failure, and marijuana doesn't help matters on that count, because why give a shoot when you get free government pot, food, money, living quarters, and a phone?  Bad, because it's easy to control the people that way, and doesn't make much of a person, just a cockroach with no honor.  If someone needs it, if someone's down on their luck, fine.  Though why aren't the churches, fat with money, not doing this instead?  Isn't charity their job, not the government's?

Now just one more solid gold candle holder that could go right here with .. oh, wait.  We need a Holy Water-fall as well.  But Pope, the people are hungry.  Hungry?  Let them eat cake!  Give 'em communion wafers.  We need more gold!
  America is trying-on a communist coat for a while and Putin is trying on a democratic one, though it's all a ruse.  It's my belief that Putin told Obama not to make a follow-on for the Space Shuttle, that the Baikonur Cosmodrome would take care of ISS missions.  By making the US a lame-duck space-wise, (despite entrepreneur Space-X, a freelance company non-military) all nations launch out of a few major places, being French Guiana and Kazakhstan's Cosmodrome (maintained by Russia).  When all countries bring their space technologies to launch from Russia, these new emerging technologies are undoubtedly analyzed overnight by the Russians in-place there, giving away space secrets for every payload mission for the Russians to get FREE TECHNOLOGY without having to spend effort creating from scratch.

  During the Dissolution of the Soviet Empire these last 23 years, the smaller countries, foolishly believing they had the chance to make it on their own, struggle with their own economy and build it up.  This makes the slobbering, stuttering, tax-on-the-system children of Russia grow-up on their own accord.  Thing is, they can't really focus on their military as much, obviously relying on Soviet-era hand-me-downs from the 1980's and 1990's they had before, therefore very antiquated.  They can't spend money funding a military when they're trying to get their democratic nation to get a foothold, so they focus on manufacture and commerce.  In the meantime, Putin puts his money on military strength, and for obvious reason.

  The Grand Plan of Putin (aka CCCP Super-Plan Deluxe with Cheese) [or Con Queso] is pretty obvious to me now.  Once these nations are strong enough to be valuable again and not a tax, and/or one of his placed "leaders" "democratically elected" into office are ousted (in the case with Ukraine) it's time to take it back.  Seize it back.  Not to let that nation in question get too powerful, just enough that it's perfectly balanced between being actually worth something and not quite strong enough to defend itself from re-annexation, coming off as a "welcome home, you'll be wealthy again" slogan. 

  This plan is grandiose and amazing.   I'm impressed with it's span on a global level.  Our President just lets it happen.  I've seen the off-screen banter and his defeated face as Putin smugly smiles in victory as we "put sanctions" against the actions to seem like we are against it.  No, Putin told Obama to shut-up and take it in the hoo-hah, and like a weakling, he does.  Obama's President!  We won!  Yay!  We won!  Idiots.  Start learning Russian.  Teach it to your kids.  They'll be the slave-race.

1997.. Now.


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