Friday, April 4, 2014

The Last 30 Days


  I guess I could show a scene of myself in some cyberpunk bar at 4am getting thrown-out into the gutter with a fistful of gold coins in my robot hand, then a scene that says, "30 Days Earlier" in some off-beat sci-fi adventure, fading to black, then showing me in a normal world making coffee in my kitchen in a more normal scene... wait.. Okay, yeah, let's do that... (make up the story for yourself as you go..)

30 Days Earlier...

  Actually, what I've been up to is a few things.  Firstly, I went to the tiny island of Kauai for a little vacation.  Kauai is where Jurassic Park was filmed, as well as Blue Hawaii, South Pacific, and a dozen others.   It's rainy and tropical but pleasant.  Oddly, roosters dominate the island but are not really aggressive (more like pigeons).  Population is minimal.  Largest coffee plantation in the US, though officially "Kona" the red, iron-rich soil makes for an unlikable taste to my palate compared to Kona from the main-island, such as the micro-plantation of Greenwell Farms's "Private Reserve".  Lots of waterfalls seen by helicopter and the shaved-ice (which is more of a very soft snowball-cone than a frozen-solid, icy "snowcone") bottomed with macadamia-nut ice-cream is oddly amazing.  Local cuisine otherwise is not as good as the main-island.  Still, very very quiet.  No kids, really.  Too boring for them.  Mai Tai's are served in abundance on dark-yellow-dirt beaches where you watch time go by.  Good.


Also, I've made my own wine and it's finished.  I used the vineyard from my back yard of Catawba grapes but the yeast ate all the grape's sugar, making it quite potent and tart like cranberry juice.  Still, it's very clean-finished using a Bordeaux yeast.  Trick was that I should have added sugar after killing the yeast using a campden tablet to return some sweetness as the Catawba grape is generally very sweet to begin with (hence the yeast's diet for 4 months).
Image used for wine bottles.

 I've also been going back to school and finishing my Space Studies Bachelor's degree.  I only need about 20 classes or so, the rest I've completed on my travels.  Sadly, my C-grade of Physics I & II as well as my Calculus I, II, & III were unsatisfactory for transfer as they're only a 2.0 GPA so I have to go back and take some of that again.  Ah well, a refresher won't hurt, though I took Calc.I back in high-school in 1986-87 some 27 years ago.  I also, amusingly have to take College Trigonometry, which I took in 1984-85 some 30 years ago.  Guess I gotta determine that theta angle again?  Who knew?  Amusing.  I haven't used it since 1990 and I'm already in Space Command.  That's what computers are for!  ;p
  I've also started taking martial-arts again after several infinity years, this time focusing on "tiger", in particular "black tiger" style, which is rather aggressive krav-maga style initially, but there's a lot more finesse, play, pounce, and bloodshed.  There's good cut and a significant amount of flow but not a lot of squish or smear.  I might add a "meow" once in a while.  Kitty-kitty.
Wanna Pepsi?  You gotta get past me-yowrl!  Purr-purr.
  I've temporarily halted my work on my album as I just ain't feelin' it lately, though I bought an electric mandolin by Ibanez because I actually broke my KTone Chinese beauty.  Honestly, the workmanship of the KTone is rancid, though they look very pretty, they're barely functional.  I destroyed my KTone electric bass guitar as well, so I'll have to buy one of those soon too.  The mandolin's tuning pegs started peeling like a pairing knife on an apple when tightening, the metal sheering off concernedly.  The bass's bridge SNAPPED off the bottom, whipping upwards like a death-flail as the wood was not able to contain the strain.  Wha-POW!  Well, that's what I get for cheap, Chinese junk.  I'd like to point-out that not all things Chinese are junk, just what is unusually 90% off.  I mean, what did I expect for a bass guitar that cost $89 and a mandolin that was $19?  Still, they lasted me a few years, the mandolin for over 10.  Not bad for cheap, like Harbor Freight, it works in a pinch.  I now have an Ibanez electric mandolin and it's above-average and I can plug it into the Galactic Space Echo option of my Roland Dimensional Space Reverb and it's wonderful.  I can see stars...
  I'm doing well in my college classes (getting A's as everyone says they expected of me.. what sort of person do these people think I am anyway?  Such standards?!)
  I finished watching One Piece Japanese animation from episode 1 thru the current 6 hundred something at 30 minutes each.  It's relevant because it's the most popular animation from Japan of all-time, so there's that.  I've also finished watching Brooklyn 99 as The Office is officially finished.  Big Bang Theory in my opinion jumped-the-shark and is now the TV show Friends if you think about it, so there's that.
  "Black Tiger" my motorcycle has been taken to Denver last month and the frame is being reaccomplished to accommodate my shorter height without sacrificing control which is a bit of a "to-do" involving cutting the suspension linkage.  It's been a month.. and no word yet.  Hm.. I should probably check-up on that. 
Black Tiger Squadron's Meisa Kuroki of Space Battleship Yamato 2010.

  My Corvette GS, "Rosie" which I've driven during the winter months is acting just fine, still needs a double-clutching to get it to start, which is amusing.  Great car.  Very sophisticated and smooth.  I don't see how folks smash these C6 Corvettes up.  Nearly impossible.  Great control.  Great handling.  Decent acceleration.  0-60 in 3.9 sec.  Decent enough.
  So that's it.  Trying to get some sleep soon.  Perchance to dream of better blogs, eh?

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