Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mystique Mistake

After watching several X-Men movies, I get sorta annoyed with the character depiction of Mystique.  Having read a lot of the comic in the late '80s, she was depicted with smooth skin and a sort of Babylonian, Byzantine Empire breech-cloth outfit, not depicted so poorly as Rebecca Romijn came-off as some sort of weird, blue, lizard-girl.  Romijn also played her off as being a bit retarded, but that could have been the actress being herself.  Mystique was very intelligent strategist and perhaps over 100 years old, though her age is unknown, she is, like Iceman and Wolverine, potentially near-immortal.

  The next X-Men-based film, Days of Future Past is coming out this summer, based on a story-arc from the early 1980's and can be watched pretty well from the comic-adaptation, Wolverine and the X-Men on Netflix and will, of course, have some Mystique in it.  Let's hope Jennifer Lawrence dresses correctly, and is smooth skinned and exotic and sexy-ish.

Here is what I read (and millions others) and grew-up with for Mystique.  This is Mystique:


Okay, so now you know what Mystique looks like, then heed my words, these are not Mystique (no scales, bumps, eczema, etc.).





  So there you have it.  Though, arguably, Mystique can shapeshift into anything, it's potentially possible the "not Mystique" images above could have actually been Mystique, including the Grimace/Batman Marvel/DC crossover limited-run, and as Evil-Ernie in the Sesame Street/Marvel crossover, limited-run, Sesame Street: Nights of Obsidian Destruction The Motion Picture II: Electric Boogaloo Criterion Edition.

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  1. How do I get the latest issue of grimace and batman? Do they fight the hamburgler and joker?