Tuesday, January 3, 2012

America's "other" sweetheart "learns her lesson"

After posing for Playboy, Linday Lohan admits she's finally learned her lesson.  She's a good girl now, and promises to never do a bad thing again.  She represents America so much it hurts: a bratty little girl in dire need of a grounding.  Still.. she says she did learn her lesson now.  What do you say, Linday?

Got away with it, again.

I'm glad that the US judicial system is so good now.  I'm glad justice is served.  She's definitely learned her lesson and won't do any bad girl things ever again.  In the photo above, she just got aquitted for stealing a violently expensive necklace from a jewler ala cat-burgaler-style.  Ah, Linday.  I'm glad you were rightfully aquitted.  It wasn't your fault!  "Red, white and blue!  Gaze in your looking-glass!"  Anyone?  Bueller?

She promises to be good from now on.  Oh, Catwoman, Catwoman will you ever learn?


  1. Our Lindsey will never be a blue-collar woman - she'll always be a renegade. She just has too much time on her hands.

  2. Ah yeah girl!

    Don't forget about America's original sweetheart...


  3. This is why I love her so. Nicely put, both.