Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 50 most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe

While I contemplate my pedals and prepare for an onslaught of music, I thought you'd like to see probably the only best and comprehensive most-powerful top 50 beings in the Marvel Universe.  I'd have to agree with the creator of this.  The music can be muted (and probably should, unless you're a fan of late '80s palm-mute guitar and/or Metalica who can't get past that gimmick).  Anyway, it's a good read (you'll probably have to pause it a few times as it's pretty fast).  A good portion of the characters I had no idea about, but it'll give you some insight onto the importance of the Cosmic Cube coming up in the new Avengers movie.

Note*  On number 48 and onward there'll be collective groups of heroes listed, followed by each of the members in-order of power.

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