Thursday, January 5, 2012

They call me the Workin' Man..

I guess that's what I am.

Dig the reggae beat and Jamaican "red, gold and green" lights (if you notice)
Also, if you get board with the song, 03:20 with Alex is pretty spectacularly taboo!

Yeah, a lot of guys took vacation this last week.  Great for them, bad for me, though I got a ton of hours.  84-hour work-weeks are a bit rough, and it leads to no time to blog or live or have oxygen or what not, and makes me worn-out.  Happily, Phobos-Grunt (see previous entries) has been a dud, mostly due to Russia's amusingly cruel treatment of China's desperate assistance as they delayed the scientists for 2 weeks on the TransSiberian just to be rude (the Chinese had a piggy-back payload).  Russia also dissalowed China to attempt to transmit to the P-B for several weeks in a rescue attempt, again to not allow China to assume the glory of "great success".  When all was lost, they allowed the Ching-Chows to try it, knowing full-well the transponders were burnt from the atmosphere.  (to my delight of their overwhelming conceit).  Ahhh!  The atmosphere!!!  Ahhh! website ad circa late 1990's.

In a good note, I've replaced my unshielded speaker cables with properly shielded instrument cables so I won't get all that hum in my recordings (theoretically).  Got a nice Boss Enhancer pedal (it enhances) and a Boss Metal Core pedal (it's got sparklies).

Now I too got a sparkly.. of my very  own.

So anyhoo, I'll be writing a few more blogs in the next few days.  I got the 1941 cartoons of Superman by Fleischer Studios.  It's very good, and rather dark, and chock full of Film Noir for all.  Long, dark, larger-than-life villians with crawling shadows of their likeness over cold brick.  Very VERY high-quality animation for its time.  Probably better than Disney IMHO.

Until tomorrow.

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