Friday, January 20, 2012

I feel bad for the kids

Today's kids are going to have to pick-up where Obama screwed us over, with an ailing economy and housing market, things haven't been much worse in my lifetime, even worse than the Carter administration if anyone remembers that.  I do.  Gas prices are ridiculous, though oddly tolerated, and even embraced by truck owners, not pointing the finger at our Executive Branch like had happened with our previous administration.  Did Americans get intelligent about it and realise the President doesn't control commodity prices (like peanut-butter, Microsoft Windows, and gasoline) or are Americans just trying to accept it by justifying their bad voting choice in their heads somehow?  I can't tell.  There's about 25% pro-Democratics at work.  When asked, they say things are just fine and shrug it off.  When I bring up that they were the ones that were jumping up and down about Bush's oil-prices (silly) but not when Obama's oil-prices are high they get this glazed-over look of self-denial and shrug.  It's hard to tell if any of them have brain cells.  I often press them on the issue, "No no, please tell me how it's different."  One such said that Bush had bought some stock options on oil reserves and so therefore it was in his best interest to have oil prices go up by way of lobbyists.  I wonder what sort of stocks Obama has?  It'd be foolish for him to have none.  I'd bet white-flag-making companies, or maybe international stocks like Chinese, but it's impossible to say without pressing him.

I find it interesting Obama takes no questions in his press releases.  He just talks and leaves.  Bush would at least field a Q&A.  Obama's good at reading script but incredibly bad at actually making a decision.  Just a face, I guess.

Today's kids at age 18 will have to pick up where we left off.  They'll have to deal with it on a global scale.  Our tensions increased in all nations due to bad foreign affairs (which I see second-hand by way of missile counter-strikes daily), bad economic practices, imports versus US-Made products, and just all-around low-attitude.  I still think Mary-Jane usage will amplify that laziness in Americans.  Look at Jamaica.  They have awesome export potential, rich resources but ultimately they're a 3rd World nation (if you've ever been).  I don't think MJ is to blame, but it's an amplifier of the cause.  I'm actually for legalization for MJ in a sense that my job will be harder to fill and therefore make more money but in an ambivalent sense, against it because I know America will slow down to the point of death.  I wonder if the Joker is involved in this?  Love that Joker!

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