Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama the opportunist

Since a lot of companies hired some temps for the Christmas rush, Obama is taking this opportunity to show that there's economic growth.  Well of course there is for December.  In the history of this data collection, the US has always hired for the Christmas rush, so it's an outlier.  It doesn't show a strong economy, it shows that Best Buy was hiring for December.  I guarantee they let everyone go this week.  Sears is closing dozens of stores now that the rush is over (though I thought Sears was dead).  Actually, US growth during December has usually been a lot higher than it has been years-past.  Quite a bad sign.  Watch stocks plummet all through mid-January and into 1st-quarter announcements. 

Here's how it'll play-out for the end of each month:

January: Stocks down 5% from December  Unemployment: 9%
February: Stocks stagnate, maybe up 1%    Unemployment: 11%
March: Stocks up 3%.                                           Unemployment: 9%

1st quarter earning announcements

April: Stocks down 15%.                            Unemployment 9%.

My legendary prediction that Sirius XM radio stock would reach $2.00 by 1 January was about right.  It's now 2 bucks.  Was $1.50 in October when I recommended it.  25% increase.  There'll be another dip into the $1.70 range and then it'll top $2.50.  Buy when it's $1.70.

If Obama wins the election then all stocks will plummet 25%.

Best Buy floor-workers are useless btw.  They're only good at letting you know where the CDs are, or can (barely) fetch you a stock item (after 40 minutes).  They mean well, they're just stupid and over-paid.

Welcome to BestBuy.  Can I help you with your purchase today?


  1. And that's IF you're (your-HA!) lucky.

    Most of their idiot employees just refer to the BB website. Well if I wanted to buy it from the website, why would I be in the store in the first place, dumbshit?


    But hey... at least we still WON right? RIGHT?!

    We're going to win again too, come November. Yippee!

    Catwoman will you ever learn?


  2. You're. It's a contraction of, "you are". Your is ownership, or in this case pwn3r5hp

  3. "Like," as in to like.