Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post Number 200!!!

Yay!  It's post number two hundred!!!  That's a lotta posts!  Eat your heart out, Mister Kellogg!  You and your suspicious and over pretentious two G's!!!

Have you noticed the insane ads on all these websites these days? is notorious for a tidal wave of ads, just to read Luann, F Minus, or That is Priceless (three of my favorites).  Four or five is a lot.  Some websites have dozens or more, plus Google-PopUp-Blocker evading pop-ups.

Advertisers pay for these spots to sell products.  It reminds me of Back to the Future II when Marty gets overwhelmed with 3D adverts upon arrival, or when you land at Las Vegas Aiport, half-expecting Chris Tucker from The Fifth Element to come jumping out at you, babbling insanity to anyone that'd listen (he really ruined that movie, as he does everything else.  How about a serious role, bud?  You're not funny.  Ever.)

Just like loose magazine subscription postcards falling out of periodicals by the dozen, apparently, people use those to actually buy things.  People actually click on those insane, viral ads.  I don't know anyone that does, but apparently I know smart people, since most Americans can't find America on a globe or know the cubed-root of 27 or who our Vice-President is or what makes an engine run.  I'm thinking these people are clicking these ads and spam emails because otherwise advertisers would find other methods to get their product across.

If you're one of those people who are responding to these flashy ads, please stop!  You're ruining the InterWebs experience for all of us with your stupidness.  Don't punch the monkey to "Win" an iPad2.  You won't win anything but a Trojan Horse virus.  Nothing is for free, ever.  Never.  You don't win shit.  There's always a cost.  Even if you gamble with the stock market and used your already taxed income to buy stocks, if you succeed, you'll be taxed on that

DO NOT CLICK THE ADS because it means it's a successful campaign for the annoying, system-slowdowning flashy gimmicks to lure you in to buy stuff you don't want.  The Java or Flash-based scripts are often jammed with hard-drive searching software to see interesting facts about you and your internet browsing habits and purchases, fine-tuning ads so that you'll be more apt to click and buy.  STOP IT, users.  Makes for a poor internet experience for all the rest of us.  I don't want to, "lower my bills", "win a free i-anything", or "use tricks to lose weight".  All of these things I can manage on my own, thank you.

People, stop clicking da pic-tchya.  Idiots. 


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