Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Balrog Destroys Colroado

Gandalf using a Boss Chorus CE-2 Lawful Good pedal to stop an Octaver-summoned Balrog

  It seems Colorado is engulfed in flames.  My website still holds a 24x7 news-feed of the devastation.  I went to my guitar class today despite it and Master Bard Rick Greene taught me the rest of Rush's The Anarchist and explained he doesn't use pedals much, just what combo amps offer, and we both chastised each other jokingly for opposite choices on that, as I can't get enough effects.  During the class, it rained ash down onto my car somehow, about a full inch or so.  I had brought over my red MXR '78 Badass and we played with that for a while.  Hm.. 

In 1978, this movie was awesome in the theaters when I saw it.

  Sadly, I'm afraid my untrustworthy Boss Octaver OC-2 from 1983 (or so) may have caused Colorado to incinerate, as it has a 2 octave sub-boost that opens doors to the Dwarven mines of Khazad-dûm and have unleashed a balrog which ignited a good portion of the Rocky Mountains.  I'll work on that, I promise.
  I hope that since we're in a bit of a drought, firefighters are adhering to water conservation laws that the hippies strongly enforce, as generally rich hippie homes are burning down first.  The $2M homes are a'blazin' but these are the same folks that call the police when you try to water your lawn on "non-water" days.  Since today's a "non-water" day, I encourage all firefighters to stop trying to put out the fires near these people's homes.  If they don't stop, I'll call the police.

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