Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queensryche Split

  Geoff Tate, the singer of the band Queensryche has temporarily left the band, though probably permanently, due to conflict of interests and has rekindled his solo career.  In the mean-time, Queensryche has taken-on a new singer, Todd La Torre, previously of the band, Crimson Glory on vocals.  The new band's name is Rising West based on lyrics from their 1983 album, The Warning the awesome cyberpunk song, Before the Storm which is part 7 of the 9-part epic concept album, which, as rockers know by the release of Rush's concept album Clockwork Angels yesterday, is .. flavor of the month.  In fact, if there's a rock band not releasing a concept album this year, it's not worth buying.

  Before The Storm
Red gates of iron cast their Black Shadows on this land, dividing souls far below.
The gathering winds, the armies watch, are rising from the west; foretelling news of Freedom's hand.

In secrecy they've infiltrated all our strongholds, controlling more year after year;
so we've let this happen all along,  believing what's been said. 
Our leaders cry... we have no one to fear

We watch the sun rise, and hope that it won't be our last, before the storm.

Is it late to try; must we all die?  Our system awaits test:
Freedom by choice: is it for all man's, best?
So we wait in fear.  The atom, split.  Our hearts in-two be torn:
Learn from the past, before the storm.

We watch the sunrise, and hope that it won't be our last, before the storm.

  What's more interestinglier is that Rising West is playing only from Queensryche's first 5 albums, aka the good ones and touring right now.  The setlist is here:  Setlist
  The setlist includes excellent selections from Operation Mindcrime as well as other goodies.  One can only hope they'll actually make an album based on the early album themes of sci-fi, cyberpunk, and fantasy-themed awesomeness.  Judging by Todd's pipes, he seems up to the task.  He's actually better than Geoff Tate in the same way Steve Augeri of Journey is now currently a better singer than Steve Perry of his own actual work!
  Here's a bootleg of Rising West in action performing Queen of the Reich at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle a few days ago.  Compare Geoff's version last year versus this one versus the original and, well, judge for yourself.

Original version

Polished "Live Evolution DVD" Geoff Tate version 

Todd of Rising West version

  You'll notice Geoff gives up about halfway through, he's just not up to it.  The Energizer Bunny of vocalists Todd keeps on going, and going, and going.  Ace.

  Geoff just keeps giving the band a hard time and the last 5 albums have been all, "Woe is me, I'm a druggie and I can't cope.. blah blah blah".  Yeah, whatever, punk!  Get back onboard with cyber-wizards and "towering fortresses of blackened steel".  Yeah, baby, yeah!

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