Thursday, June 14, 2012

Down Syndrome Scientists of the Future

  Apparently Ridley Scott of South Shields in the township of Tyne and Wear, England is smoking medicinal marijuana, because he believes that scientists in 2093 invariably all have Down Syndrome.

Prometheus lead scientist

  Prometheus (a sort of Alien prequel) came out last week and I gave it a watch-a-roo.  The movie itself wasn't all that bad if you accept that the film was geared for an 11-year-old tween.  I wasn't going to blog about this but it's been bugging me.
  If you're a xenobiologist, archaeologist, mineralogist, or any kind of ologist, heck even a Joyologist...'re not going to start taking your helmet off in an alien environment (due to xeno-viral airborne contaminants that would make you quarantined for all eternity back on Earth), nor would you EVER TOUCH any goo and NOT REPORT ABOUT IT, nor would you feel "really sick" and hide it when you see bugs in your eyeballs. If a snake-like phallus-like creature comes out of black ooze, do you say, "Oh, how cute!" No sir. No, you do not. Not if you're a scientist. Maybe if you're an 11-year-old girl.

We do get to see the "Space Jockey" though. Guess that's okay. Almost makes-up for the horrible characters with IQs of around 90.   Way too many "gay sex" references with oral alien gayness-rape.  There's a huge amount of Scott's Blade Runner opus references as well, for those with ADHD who never watched it and have ADHD-apps for their iPhones.

And what's with girls sleeping at the drop-of-a-hat based on a pathetic, rude suggestion with some sleeze-ball captain in the most inappropriate moment possible? Does Hollywood think this works? Try it, fellas. Be sure to duck when she slaps your face. It stings if you don't. 11-Year-old mentality, here, made for people who like, "Where The Wild Things Are", which was pure drivel. If you got disposable income, go see it, otherwise, wait for it to air on CBS next week.

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