Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wear Your Gear


  I've seen quite a few squids out there with no gear on their motorcycles due to the scorching-hot weather.  It's so hot outside, and western Coloardo Springs is on fire.  It's been over 100 degrees for the last few days and the wildfires don't help.
  There was a bike rally on Tejon in C.Springs this weekend but I chose to stay indoors mostly and hide-out from the world playing video games like a good nerd-boy and practicing The Anarchist from Rush's new album (I don't get to use Augmented-D too often in chords).

  I urge every biker to wear their gear, despite the heat.  Besides, a little sweat creates pheromones that the ladies like, and if you must, some mesh-gear breathes just fine.  Go ahead and crack your helmet's visor at stoplights.  Remember, drivers are distracted by all sorts of things and they won't see you as they need to post that last "LOLZ1" on FaceBook with both thumbs!

  I've seen a few guys riding in shorts.  That's just plain stupid, and it looks really really stupid.  Here's an example of going about 10 feet without protection:

Not savory.  I'm so anti-ABATE Organization it's silly.  Apparently, wants dead motorcyclists, allowing the choice of a helmet or any gear so they can look cool.  I've had rocks, bees, wasps, other bugs, clothes, and birds fly at my head at triple-digits and let me tell you that helmet sure is handy, especially during a random, freak hailstorm.

  Of course, ABATE suggests that they're for safety, but they're not.  They're more for style and safety gets in the way of that.  You can't look badass on your iron hog with a fa-reak'in helmet on!  Durk a DUR!  Day can't take away our FREE-DURM!  Day DURK a DURRR!

  Quit whinin' about how hot it is and wear your shit, you sissy-boy.

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