Sunday, June 17, 2012

Superman vs. Hulk

DC vs. Marvel?  Sometimes there's some crossovers.  A digital company did a surprisingly fine job on it.  I was a bit skeptical but it's pretty good.  Nice tech demo.   Watch part 2 here for a taste, then look up for yourself on Youtube if you're interested.

  And, back to Marvel-only, for the Iron Man 3 film coming up soon, apparently the Green Goblin is an antagonist as The Iron Patriot (Osborn uses this design to inspire Americans that he's actually a hero, not just a Spiderman villian) as well as a cameo of IronMan's arch nemesis of all time, Mandarin.  Very good.

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  1. That video up above showing superman vs hulk was made by a great artist in Mike Habjan - I checked it out due to your blog's recommendation. It's a fair rendition of how the fight would actually go, too. Hey - if you have a minute, can you check out my own little blog on how the battle would transpire? It's located here at Hulk vs Superman fight. Thanks for reading!
    p.s. - it's a work in progress