Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colorado is Burning

  Colorado is on fire, particularly Colorado Springs.  The USAF Academy is evacuated and several homes are on fire there.  Garden of the Gods is also ablaze, and visibility is zero at Woodman and Academy Blvd.  It's pretty nuts.  Here in my hamlet of Fountain it's fine, though it rains ash (good for my vinyard, actually).  I water my lawn daily now.  Temps are over 100 degrees, and at night you can see the sky alight with the destruction.  I think it might have something to do with a combination of my Octaver pedal and my Vortex flanger, I'm not sure.  If I can only find the right guitar pedal combination to create a deluge!
  The Flying W Ranch is devestated.  No more steak dinner shows with real gosh-darn cowboys.  Donations are going to The Red Cross right now.  People are fleeing.  I wonder how the critters in the hills are faring?  No one's died yet, but the thick smoke makes dodging elk tricky.
  People stupidly stop to photo it, right IN the danger.  What made everyone photo-journalists these days?  Is it worth your life to stop on I-25 suddenly in dense smoke to photograph death?  It might photograph YOU.  Dorks.  Well, Darwin Awards and all.  Sheesh.
  Schriever and Peterson are still active and we still perform our missions but it's getting hazardous to breathe.  If the wind shifts south, we'll have to evacuate as well.  Luckily, our house is the most south and east possible, so Becky and I will be the last of a few families to go.  Water supply in the Big Johnson Reservoir is almost empty due to the drought.  Should be a wild ride.  I'll keep everyone posted.
  My court-date is still tomorrow for a rolling-stop at a stop-sign (in the middle of nowhere, mind-you).  I tried to pay the ticket but the money-order got sent back due to the wrong department listed.  I had to use the department in the ultra 1-point-font apparently written on the side of the paper.  Very Douglas Adams.
  As for the fire, it doesn't stop justice.  I'll just bring the makings for S'Mores.  Judge Dredd be damned, by hook or by crook!

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