Friday, June 1, 2012

I am Bryan Adams

  The legal battle against YouTube is still on-going as they're still convinced that the guitar and bass work (as well as keyboards) was none other than Bryan Adams and not myself on the cover song Run To You off the album, "Reckless", however it is going up against their lawyers right now.  I find it unusual because to me it's obvious I'm not using a single-coil Fender Stratocaster for the tune or a Fender Jazz bass guitar and the keyboards I added to enhance the bass overture is not something Bryan did.  It can be seen at my Music Video section of if you're interested.  Interestingly, a girl at work was embarrassed by my poor rendition of it, nor did she "get" the video which has to do with the "other woman" spoken-of in the song as his "guitar" and not a cheating mistress.  If you watch the "Official" Bryan Adams channel on YouTube, it's apparent as he speaks of, "..if she ever found out about you and I", he points to a Fender Strat sticking out of the snow on the set.  In other scenes in the video, the only other girl there is his "guitar" that he "runs to". 
"Self-expression doesn't seem to be one of your problems..."

Sunrise from my back porch (facing, well, east of course..)

  Colorado Springs has a few interesting touristy locations, and I hadn't been to a good portion of them in nearly 2 decades (yes, I'm that old), one of which is called Seven Falls.  Though some would think it a boring location, (most Americans would and do, as it's mostly out-of-country tourists now, because there's limited lens-flare and Americans are too busy thumbing their dumb-phones to notice God)  it's actually not that bad.  En-route we stopped at my favorite bar, The Hatchcover, which is delightfully non-pretentious and has great wings and a fantastic selection of beers, ciders, and whiskies (and whiskeys) catering to American and Canadian cuisine under the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain where I used to work from 1999 to 2002.  Delicious. 
  We get to Seven Falls and a small elevator can take you to a vantage point to look at each of the seven cascading waterfalls (some rather short being only a few feet) all interconnected.  To actually climb the falls is another matter as it's about 30 stories to get to the top via stairs with one rest halfway up.

Tunnel leading to elevator

View at top of elevator (click picture for closeup)
(notice the stairs)

  Surprisingly, Becky was up to it despite her broken foot in 36 places never mending and her toes locked permanently in place due to a rather harsh motorcycle crash from an out-of-control car a few years back. 

  We purposely brought "critter snax" with us to feed the chipmunks as I remembered a plethora of them about 19 years ago (they're still there, the great great great grandkids of the ones I met in 1993).  Cute "cupcake shapes" and some nut-cluster-goodies specifically made for rabbits and chipmunks from WalMart for a few dollars to feed the scurrying species of chipmunk (no Snooki breeds as they're all at the bar in preparation for her "Snooklings" brood-birth) were handed out to chipmunk glee.

GooGoo Chipmunk cluster

Whatcya' got?

    We were interrupted with this snack-fest when incredibly unintelligent folks with their "DE-STROY" kids would come smashing through into our space to "pet" the chipmunks as they screamed, throwing rocks.  This is great birth-control btw.  If I ever did that, I'd get swacked, and no, you won't go to jail for that, you're just lazy parents and pathetic.  Do it and you'll get a Hero's Medal (for doing your job).  Jesus would high-five you, and everyone would pitch-in and do a collection and give the parent $100 each.  This is what happens if you don't, they grow up like this: CLICK  Parents are so drained they don't even stop them, and are too unintelligent to realize that to approach an animal you have to be very slow and quiet and be patient and wait for sometimes up to a half hour, but this "generation" doesn't get that.  We did, and got the animals to climb up on the seat with us and take food from our hands.  Baby Destroy Voltron Monster did not get so lucky, nor the clones of the wasted remains of the iPhone Generation.  I suspect their demon-spawn will have very strong thumbs as they're worked hard, glued to their low-qual touch-sensitive LCD screens, probably while high and drunk.  No one likes your kids, girl, they just want to get in your pants and then leave you.  They're lying.  Did you know 1 in 3 kids now have autism.  I blame Apple's 800Mhz at 1.6 watt of brain-damaging goodness.  My 4G makes me feel itchy.  Yep.  Drain Bramage.

 The rather challenging 300 steps to the top rewarded for an excellent view of not the falls as, well, we're on top of them now, though it was amazing and I was able to shun my fear of heights because I was too busy rooting Becky on for great success. 

(Note* 200 foot drop to the right of this picture.. 100 feet to go).

At the top of Seven Falls, a 300 foot drop behind me btw.  Becky made it!

Seven Falls local fauna.

Something important is happening, but I can't see it because of lens flare!!!

After this, only 200 more stairs down and we're back!

Down we go!

  She normally has a hard time descending stairs more than ascending but managed it in no time and we escaped a near-downpour as we greeted a nice Kiwi New Zealander and then avoided the "I have a kid so it's okay if they frack-up every possible nature environment peaceful time because I don't get to have peace so why should anyone else oh I'm so drained but kids are the best thing that ever happened to me though I have a New Life Church glazed-over lie in my eyes".

At the bottom.

  We went home, took a nap, and woke up to watch the 1933 film Night Flight staring John Barrymore and Clark Gable on our theater screen.  Good film, never seen it. Most Americans wouldn't have the patients for it.  Not enough lens-flare or false science.  As I quote one soul-less chap I work with, "I don't go to watch movies to think.  I go to be entertained."  To which I quipped, "I go to movies to think, which makes me entertained."


   Took in a little Hulu Plus pop-culture and watched Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares in New Jersey (season 3, ep.1) as our thigh muscles complained from the climb and she made it to midnight, her face buried in Siamese cat (it's what Siamese do, hence the concern for the baby's survival in Lady and the Tramp, for they like to sleep sideways on faces to keep warm, though Becky's used to critters doing that as she lived on a farm and her dogs and cats would all pig-pile anyway).  Working a mid tomorrow she urged me to stay up so as to be alert for tomorrow, and hence, this blog.  There are those that fall asleep at work, and to those, I find them traitors to America and are weak and pathetic.  We work on a USAF Operations base!  We must stay vigil, America counts on us to!  To those who don't care, I spit at them.  P'tewie! 

  Overall, a great day.  Now to play King's Bounty Crossworlds.  Tricky game.  Huzzah!

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