Thursday, August 11, 2011

Annoyed with UFO hunters

There's a lot of crappy "footage" out there for UFOs.  All of it I see is simply debris: rocket-bodies, MIR (older footage) and ISS "trash" they dump out the side which burns-up since they're at very low Earth orbit.  A lot of the UFO sites get angry with NASA that they're withholding data, etc.  NASA is not in the business of this.  NASA helps companies launch satellites and probes.  That's it.  They're just a contractor company like any other.  The only classified information they might have is some innovative rocket propulsion technologies being tried-out by other companies or organizations, such as USAF, etc.  NASA borrows a lot of it's data, to include satellite catalog data from AF SpaceCommand where I work because it's far too expensive to build their own catalog or data or radar sites.  AF Intel also donates data to them as well.  Sigh.  Everyone's barkin' up the wrong trees and aging astronauts are "spilling the beans" on whimsical dreams, trying to re-spark their 15 hours of fame from their space-walk 50 years ago on their death-beds.  They never achieved higher.  Went to schools to talk to kids about their now-hazy experience on trying not to vomit too many times or piss all over themselves going to the moon.  "Ooo, I was privy to UFO secret alien life data."  Yeah, right old-man, all smug with a sudden re-interest in you.  Blah.
STS flights would comment on UFOs.  Well, sure.  When you don't know what it IS yet then it's a UFO until you look it up in the catalog.  Some objects are too small to have been cataloged.  STS (now defunct, sadly) and ISS are so low-earth that a lot of these objects will burn-up in a few days.  Lots of small debris at low-orbit occur.  THEY don't have a satellite catalog telling them what's up.  They resort to mission-control for that.  They've got enough to do to worry about that, though a visual can be a concern, sometimes space "junk" seems spooky when it skips off the atmosphere in weird angles (as it does often) heating up and cooling off, then back at a new ecliptic.  Simple space science but uneducated folks think it's UFOs, or djin, or magic, or more stupid still, angels and demons.  Ugh.  It's a freakin' flat piece of titanium from a 1971 rocket-body.  I promise it's not Gabriel or Ifrit or 9-pound baby Jesus (Ioshua for those that know His real name btw.)
In Afghanistan, a friend of man was relaying a story about how he asked a local what he thought about moving lights in the sky (as satellites are clearly visable with minimal light-pollution, indeed, I saw the ISS myself last week plain as anything).  The local said it was djin on magic carpets.  He was 35.  Any wonder why we're not all exterminated by each other is a miracle.  Don't get me started on New Life Church.  Fockers.

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