Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rush signs with Roadrunner Records!

Rush has satisfied the contract agreement with Atlantic Records 1991-2011 and has just signed with Roadrunner Records.  There will be a Time Machine Tour release coming very soon off that tour (loved it at Red Rocks btw).  This is significant because Moving Pictures was played in its entirety, so a complete LIVE version of Moving Pictures will be available non-bootleg, though, of course, I already have all of these songs live from various tours.

On a different note, I have acquired more Invader pickups for my guitars, though I could probably install them myself, I'll scope the horizon for master lutiers to perform the soldering.  I also have acquired a neck-adapter for my Steinberger Spirit such that I can escape the double-ball string setup to use normal strings for my Steinberger.  There's only 2 companies that still make double-ball strings, La Bella and Steinberger (which was bought-out by Gibson a few years back, which resulted in a price-hike).  Anyone who's used La Bella or Gibson strings know how they suck.  It'll be nice to be able to use Dean Markley Blue Steels on it.  With 2 Seymour Duncan pickups it should be a formidable guitar!

This leaves me with an additional Invader humbucker, which is going into my home-made strat-clone.  Should be done by Christmas.

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