Friday, August 26, 2011

Mom's Country Kitchen is closed

Beck and I ran by Mom's this morning and it had been gutted-out!  Granted, we hadn't been in about 2 or 3 weeks.  A lonely, hand-written, notebook-paper sign, taped from the inside read, "Closed, Thanks =)" (the emoticon vertical).  I wonder what happened?  They were getting very good business.  Coke's Diner across the street is packed of course, getting all of Mom's patrons as there's no where else for breakfast in a 10 mile radius besides McDonald's about 6 miles away up on the Mesa.

I don't really get it.  Granted, I didn't eat there every day.  Maybe once every few weeks.  Always pretty busy.  They had just introduced a new menu and had expanded a bit.  Family-run and very good with a 75-year-old recipe for biscuits-and-gravy which was fantastic, and they served Pepsi counter to Coke's Coke.  Coke's Diner is inedible, by the way.  Worst food dining-out I've had ever.  I tried to like it, too.  Maybe a hunk of their apple-pie and a coffee?  I think they use Yuba coffee, won't even spring for bottom-of-the-barrel Folger's.  I'd rather have Nescafe Instant with flavor crystals (tm).

Mom's was run by herself and her husband.  Her two daughters would help-out as waitresses.  I can only guess a tragedy.  "Dad" was in Vietnam, which would make him probably mid-60s by now.  Something happened, and I doubt it was bad business.  Probably something personal.  The phone numbers don't work either.  Well, there's no phone attached to the wall in there but there's no forwarding number.  It was probably Obama, since he hates small businesses, and Pepsi.  Curse you OBAMA!

Still, if anyone knows what was up, please drop me a line.

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