Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm no stranger to the effects of the moon.  I myself was born under a new moon and despite astrological pseudo-science, lunar pull has impact on society.  Case-in-point (albeit conveniently for my case here) is these London riots (queue UFO's Lights Out for London)...

..great performance.  Anyway, I wouldn't say the moon's phase is directly responsible for the London riots, but it's definitely a force-multiplier.  Males are insanely affected by lunar phase, it reaching it's peak today.  I'd say the riots will wane with the moon and be squashed within the week. 
  Still, this stuff is crazy.  At work yesterday, I heard of people speaking of killing home intruders in detailed violence and glee like madmen, wild-eyed, even foregoing their home arsenal to hand-to-hand mauling.  Pretty maddening stuff for some seemingly so passive and compassionately good-natured.  Still, I couldn't help but rib people on jokingly, perhaps alerting them to their own insanity.  Truly, would you want a blood-bath in your living room?  Do people really think they own anything of value enough to have half the city block seize upon their house to rape and pillage their wife and kids?  Certainly those with huge arsenals are either avid hobbyists or live in constant fear.  I'm not against firearms, but I know I don't need them.. because I'm not psychologically paranoid.  Usually one fears from other's actions is deeply based secretly on one's OWN desires and actions within.  The Enemy Within (Part I of Fear) - Rush 1984...

It's because of this I find some people react with gut and less head these days.  Merlin told King Arthur to remember to THINK.  Perhaps good advise for us all in these trying times.
  There's an interest in the stock market these days as well.  People jumping off buildings far more frequently than after the latest Twilight trailer.  Too much heart, not enough head.  It's merely an opportunity to purchase.  It's a buyer's market.  Comes once in a while.  No need to over-panic, but makes it opportunistic for folks like myself that can put a few bucks down on Pepsi stock.  (The choice of a New Generation by the way.. queue Jordy LaForge enjoying a Back to the Future II  Pepsi-Free).  It's amazing folks DUMP their stocks out of panic.  Again, the moon is culprit a bit.  A force multiplier

  I too am victim to Luna's influence, but I keep it in-check (mostly) like an in-denial Vulcan (this time).  Call it the moon, Dionysus' dance, or merely Bedlam.  We all need to take a breath-in and just look around us for a second and just settle down.  Everything's gonna be okay (except maybe for that X-Type solar flare that will hit us tomorrow, or all the passing near-Earth asteroids NASA doesn't tell us about.. quite a few actually).

  Solution?  Well, besides grabbing your handy Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and turning it on to those friendly words, "Don't Panic!", we could blow up the moon I guess.  Might help.  Dunno.  Maybe Earth would have a pretty ring and some wonderful meteor showers.  Well, maybe we can't do that.  I recommend some soothing music and some Haggen Daaz chocolate chip ice cream.  Can't hurt... unless you're a diabetic.

Good luck and be safe, folks.

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