Sunday, August 21, 2011

Government control

Not a fan of that the government is more than suggesting we switch to environmentally friendly (questionable) things, like light bulbs and toilets.  Encouraged I can understand.  Mandated?   Communist.  Stocks crashed again.  Guess "we won", huh?  Dopes that voted for social issues instead of real government issues like economy, thinking voting "gay friendly" is gonna be a good economic idea.  That's on a local level, kids, not a international EXECUTIVE branch level choice.  Dopes.  Electric cars simply use electricity which is created miles away at that giant coal-burning plant that creates acid rain for your plants.  Choose that instead of a near-zero-emissions Honda Civic?  Ugh.  Main source of lithium for those Li batteries?  China.  Nice.  Fools!

On a lighter note, the new Jalapeno-relished McDouble is freakin' DELICIOUIS.  Sir Shakes a Lot from Burger King better hold on to his socks!  A+ goodness.

Oh, and I posted Run to You by Bryan Adams sans keyboards and vocals (I added bass goodness).

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