Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wonder Woman Pilot

For anyone wanting to see the failed Wonder Woman pilot 2011, you can find it round-a-bout through this link here:

It's interesting that the seamed "panties" were deleted for the actual movie.  I haven't seen it yet (tomorrow night at the latest) but it should be interesting.  I'm glad they went with the pants.  The original boots were blue and dumb-looking, so there were several costume adjustments before the pilot came out.  Interestingly, still, there's a 1968 WonderWoman pilot that failed, as well as one in 1972 where she was blonde!

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  1. Really hard to watch. So much botox everywhere. Rather sad. Cary Elwis with botox too? Bad camera angles. Novice director? She's having a hard time with her costume, or walking at all. She funds her endeavors through merchandising herself?! Elizabeth Hurley has become a zombie actress. Bracelets are aluminum-colored plastic? Halle Berry Catwoman story. Breast implants and definitely NOT a "perfect butt". Bit-part of the senator was a good actor (the only one here). Super-cheesey micro-plane. Really REALLY bad wire-work. She murders several folks needlessly. Ultimately, the nemesis Veronica Cale trying to make stronger folks through legal drugs is not evil, and WonderWoman interferes and murders needlessly. A true criminal. Sentimental music from LOST used ashamedly at the end.