Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Corn Syrup! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Ever look at your food ingredients?  Everything's got corn syrup in it!  I was a fan of Mrs. Butterworth.  You'd think it'd be maple syrup, right?  Nope.  Corn syrup with carmel flavoring.  It's in everything from ice cream to beer.  Anything with sugar supposedly in it has corn syrup instead.  Very few things have actual sugar.  Still doesn't save us from the Colorado democrat's Sugar Tax that's dominated the state over the last year.  I went out and had to scour the shelves for some actual Maple Syrup from a maple tree.  Of the 3 varieties that said 100% maple syrup, only 1 was from a maple tree, the other two were 1% maple, 99% corn syrup!  I'm eating buttermilk pancakes (homemade) with the stuff now.  Pretty excellent.
Corn is in everything now, like kudzu in the south, or taxes.  Married with no kids pays 41% income taxes you know.  You only pay 28% with kids.  Lovely.  Corn's in our gas too.  Mandate of 10% corn-based ethanol in our fuel causing a 10% decrease in gas mileage, and quicker car-rot.  Definitely a golden time for corn farm growers.  Corn syrup, particularly the high-fructose variety makes us violently fat as it's hard to break down in our bodies.  Coke's got it.  Happened as a ploy when New Coke (aka Coke II) came out 1985 and went back to "Original recipe".  Original my arse.  Just a trick to introduce HFCS into the drink, reformulated carefully so we didn't notice, and so happy our old, beloved Coke was back.  Bullshit.  It wasn't.
So, friends, if you can find Throwback items, such as Throwback Pepsi, Mt.Dew, Sierra Mist and other offerings like Mexi-Coke (tall bottles in the Goya section of WalMart) then do so, your body will thank you for it.  Don't get me started on the formaldehyde production in diet drinks!


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  1. Darren posted:
    You say you were a "fan" of Mrs. Butterworth's, but I don't see you at the concerts, the meetups, the rallies, the syrup swaps. You haven't shown up for any of the sessions of the Mrs. Butterworth roleplaying game (TM) or the collectible card game? Not to mention I don't think I've ever seen you in Mrs. Butterworth cosplay, sir. Why do you hate America?