Thursday, August 4, 2011


One of the hardest things of working Space Command isn't always the complexity itself, but the hours

Generally, any operations mission will be a 24-hour affair, and to make things "fair for everyone", a rotating schedule is put in-place.  Now, I've worked a few places were you'd stay on a particular schedule, sometimes of 8-hour shifts, so you can get your life in order, but more often than not it's a rotating one, and sometimes 12-hour rotations.

Now luckily, where I work there's not a lot of change-up.  We'll work days for a month or so, then switch to mids.  I won't give out specific hours for "Elements of Essential Friendly Information" issues so as to confound "bad guys".  Unfortunately, my schedule the last few weeks has been a lot more dynamic because for some reason in the summer, people take vacation.  You'd think a lot of it has to do with kids' school vacation and the timing but in this case it's more of a paradigm with those working with me, so it makes for a bad soup.  Though I haven't had to take up many extra hours, my schedule is topsy-turvy so I'm just feeling flipped-around.

Because of my reversal of shifts, I feel ethereal, speaking but looking out from behind myself like some viewer or a ghost.  Makes it hard to think cleverly sometimes.  I wonder if my Russian evil-Mike counterpart suffers as well?   I'd like to think so.

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