Saturday, September 17, 2011

Illegal Gibson guitars

Seems the Obama-geddon Administration has outlawed Gibson guitars with Indian rosewood or Madagascar ebony on the fretboards, which is all of them (or about 95% of them at least) due to some new Lacey Act that was created.  Interestingly, Michelle Obama purchased and gave one to a French diplomat which makes her eligible for prison-time.  Worse still, search and seizure of all Gibson guitars with analysis of the rosewood or ebony will occur in airports.  If the analysis results in foreign exotic wood (aka 95% of all guitars) in any portion, the guitar is seized and destroyed and prison time and/or a hefty fine is forced.

This, however only accounts for American guitars, probably making Fender quake in its boots.  Luckily, I have a rather rare Japanese-made Ibanez and a Japanese-made Steinberger (before Gibson bought them out).  So based on the serial number, I'm safe.

Still, I'd hate to see huge bands have their guitars seized and destroyed.  Way to go AGAIN Obama.  Who VOTED for this guy anyway?  I know I didn't.  He's just destroying American companies.  Is this part of his new job-act?  Gibson has closed-down and may be liquidated!

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