Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Half a citizen

Sometimes I think it's sad that I can't enjoy freedoms that non-clearance people enjoy, like MaryJane or Burning Man event or the occasional DUI or getting in a fist-fight in public without being stripped of my career for all eternity.  Not that I really want to do those things.  It just I don't have the option.  Being able to enjoy a weekend off where I'm not recovering from 72 hours of 12-hour mid-shifts with no lunch break (or any break of any kind).  Being able to have a cell phone at work or browse the internet on occasion there.. or have windows to gaze out at.  Being able to be in an environment where there's not unyielding air-handling units creating white noise at 60db constantly, demanding an ambient air temperature of 59 degrees F. 24x7.  Being able to actually get food somewhere during my night shifts of 12 hours (don't bring food, you get chips (etc.) or starve.) or being able to actually GO HOME for lunch or cut work early or enjoy a holiday. 

Such is the price for 24-hour operations in a homeland security kind of environment.  Sure, some people are thankful for it in passing I guess as they get to go skiing for the weekend.  (Well, I could take a day off here or there I suppose and do that..  my job allows me paid vacation time).  It's just inconvenient that I can't get normal people days off, like Thanksgiving AND Christmas AND NewYears.  TABOO!  FOR BIDDEN!

Sure, I could change jobs.  Maybe something more simple.  Better hours, but would I be satisfied with it?  If I can't fight the enemies then what's the point?  Honestly, I'd never be happier doing anything else DESPITE the inconveniences.  Been doin' this since 1993, the impact so direct.  Heck, I was working at Cheyenne Mountain NORAD when 9/11 hit, and when the MIR splashed-down.  Worked both those very same shifts.  Wished NORAD had SOMETHING to do with the defence of 9/11, but those bad guys weren't coming out of outer-space after all.. if they were though, I'd be ON it I tell YOU what!

Sigh.. I just love my job too much.  The scope of it.  Wouldn't trade it for anything, except maybe a record contract.  YOU LISTENING TO ME ATLANTIC RECORDS?!  :)

Mission (from Hold Your Fire)
...If their lives were exotic and strange
they would likely have gladly exchanged them for
something a little more plain, maybe something a little more sane.
We each pay a fabulous price of our biddings of paradise. (04:00)

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  1. More so for the military, who fight for freedoms they cannot enjoy, such as the 1st Amendment, or the right to vote. Their out-of-state ballot is only used in the case of a tie-breaker several weeks AFTER the election, otherwise the ballot is thrown out. Look it up, kids. It's true. No military voted for Obama (well, very few). Military account for 10% of the US.