Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogs not popular?

With FB and Twitter's "Diet Soul" version of comments and statements, the soliliqy of writing has vanished, albiet temporarily from the internetsees.  I refsue to let it go, like the 80s or rock music, it will endure and survive.

I can only assume that "reading" is far too complicated for the iPhone retard-eration, (ie. Lookie!  I can be an astronomer because I hold my phone up to sky!  Lookie!  I have low-qual music, all 30,000 songs, devaluing all music all together because I have so much of it I don't value or care about musicmanship anymore!  Yay!  Vocoder!)

Therefore, the only people reading this are high intellectuals and the morbidly curious (usually synonymous).  Therefore, I will re-adjust my blogs to include more obscure and interesting topics (to me anyway) instead of my previous FB winings and shock-donations.

Enjoy this video by Jethro Tull then...

1 comment:

  1. Love the video, especially the end where you see the audience of old ladies who must have been wondering who in the world Jethro Tull were. The music reminded me of Robin the Hooded Man.