Thursday, September 22, 2011

Website updates and Queensryche cookies

A few minor updates on my website to include a donation link for those who want to give a penny or two via PayPal (since the entire planet uses this simple and safe web-pay option anyway, except Dave Drasheff who mistrusts it and lives in 1997, aka NOW, though he gladly gives all of his goings-on on FB which is owned by Russians.. wait.. Drasheff is a Russian name.. hmmmm...)

I don't use FB anymore because of Russian ownership which gleans human data directly. It's bad business for what I'm doing for work now, and discouraged usage. Google+ has lots of room though. Once FB bots take over it'll be the end of it, like MySpace which is now RobotSpace where bots give each other viruses and sex links.  It's almost self-sentient that way.  William Gibson is probably amused.  Can't wait till he stops his painful (yet popular) "Bridge Trilogy".  Just unreadable trash. 

Some artists do that.  They are REALLY cool for a while and then just inedible.  One could say this about Queensryche.  Sort of like cookies.  Early on it was just eggs and flower, with Queensryche EP then it started getting into good cookie-dough with The Warning with the whole sci-fi fantasy crossover like the movie Krull.  Then it was perfect cookies with Rage for Order and finally fully cooked with Operation Mindcrime which is a brilliant piece of work and great with milk.  By Empire the cookies were getting a little teeeeensy bit caramelized until Promised Land you're like, "Hey, these cookies are done, man.."  You still eat 'em because not all of them are caramelized but they're pretty bad.  One or two are okay though.  Then comes Hear in the Now Frontier which was so bad that tour dates were cancelled and Chris DeGarmo, one of the best guitarists of all time leaves the band.  Q2K comes out and no one notices.  It gets no tourdates except in local clubs and doesn't chart at all.  Blackened cookies now.  Queensryche gets desperate and releases a live album Live Evolution that peaks the charts at number 143.  Really dismal.  They then release Tribe and beg Chris DeGarmo to write a few tracks for it.  It only sells under 75,000 albums to-date, not even making gold.  They then try to make with some old material conclusion with Operation Mindcrime II in which the main character gets sad and kills himself.  yay.  Does moderately well and so Queensryche does a money-grabbing live album again based on it, and a DVD, and lots of other junk.  They then do a cover album called Take Cover that charts at a dismal 173 before vanishing a week later.  It was crap.  The cookies are burning black now and smoke is coming out the oven and filling the room.  It's gross.  Queensryche suddenly thinks they understand the American soldier's point of view on Desert Storm II so they do a biographical album American Soldier that is ambivalent.  They interview GIs in between the tracks but there's not a lot there.  They hope there'll be some really good material in that but there isn't.  We soldiers just missed our families a bit, and maybe a good sandwich.  Just want to get the job done and go home pretty much.  Sorry, Queensryche, we don't hate George Bush.  99% of the military loved the Republican.  Awww...  sorry Queeny.  We ain't Seattle druggies like you.  It's a volunteer force.  It ain't World War II you know.  Finally, recently they released, Dedicated to Chaos which peaked at number 75, then died a few days later. says that Queensryche is totally unrecognizable right now, which is worse than ripping themselves off.. most fans will wish it was never written."

The smoke has filled the house.  We wish we never made cookies.

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