Thursday, September 29, 2011


Really not a bad movie.  There's a lot of things going on, and it's easy to get swept away with the visuals, but here's the deal:
It's 'bout a girl who copes.  The cabaret she exists in is how she copes within her mind of her surroundings.  The giga-gantic dragons, steampunk-undead Nazis, Saturn's Titan train sequence, etc. is the empowerment she imagines and derives from her dance skill (which we don't really get to see).   So what happens is it's a dream within a dream.  She copes into the cabaret, and imagines her men-control visually through the dance.  Nice.  Good remixes, albeit Queen got stiffed a bit (why rappers want to interject into Queen is beyond me).  White Rabbit was particularly interesting.  I give you the 6 minute beginning of the film.

The intro of the movie is a silent film overlapped with Sweet Dreams which was brilliantly done and tense, but we see these ridiculous scenes of chaingun ronin throwing her about in her dance imaginations, and it's just video-game-y, as she'd easily be broken in twain.  Once you realize it's her way of taking control of others' psyches by way of dance per her perspective, one can settle down with it and accept it.  Maybe too cerebral for most, but then again, so is Wizard of Oz which is the exact same movie.  Dorothy never went to Oz, friends.  Coping.

Zombies: B
Comic Book Fans: C
Everyone Else: D
Me: A-
I recommend this movie for brainiacs.

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