Friday, September 16, 2011

Wouldn't you know it?

After my double-mini-vacation, got back from Vegas and on the plane some insanely rude Vietnamese (pushy, claw-y, mine-mine-mine type with the wide grin of a life of selfish scavenging [think Tran.  I've worked with the like]) they were also coughing open-mouthed on people and I think I got a case of something.  First time I've been sick since 1997.  It's respiratory and rather mild.  Bit of a congestion BUT be it said on my travels I own a 4-leaf clover encased, a tunic and bracers (!)  Becky came ahead $680 at the Luxor impossibly on a $15 slot-machine bet, and my two guitars are now crammed full of Seymour Duncan Invader humbuckers.

Hey, Luxor?  $81 for a single of Glenlivet XXV is a bit much, don't you think, mob-bosses?

Hey, United Airlines, if I ask for Crown Royal it is definitively not the same as Canadian Club.  The only thing they have in common is the lack of a letter "E" in Whiskey.  (Canadian whiskey is spelled, "whisky".)  Sadly, United does not share the same enthusiasm of whiskies as I do.

A complete rundown of events to follow tomorrow in Captain's Log-style Kirk-osity.

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