Sunday, September 25, 2011

White Christmas

So the movie White Christmas staring Bing Crosby with Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen with Rosemary Clooney is a classic.  Great talent, all, truly.  I just don't understand the love for this General fellow.  He's never sold to me.  Reluctant and incidental at best, yet the whole premise of the movie is to help the rather rich fellow out.  He's doing fairly well in Vermont as a hotel owner, but a lack of snow early in the season doesn't make me feel bad for the guy, nor his previous stint as a war-monger.  Now generally (pun, I guess) I have a distrust for authoritative figures.  Most authoritative folks aren't better than me and less talented at leadership than the people they lead.  I find them blundering overpaid and confused.  This is not always the case.  Sometimes you get lucky with a good boss who's good at personnel maintenance and that's a good thing.  Malcom Reynolds was pretty good at it in Firefly, and arguably Picard from Star Trek Next Generation was decent at it enough.  In my careers, there were some good leaders too, even currently.  The General in White Christmas isn't sold to me though, despite the soldier's endearment of him by song, which I find unlikely.  This makes the whole movie seem like a waste of time.. but it is good fun and good talent, and if it's just for that then, well, I like it.  Definitely worth a watch.

White Christmas 1954:
Zombies: C
Comic book fans: C
Everyone else: A

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