Monday, October 10, 2011

The 11th Hour

Sometimes you just try your best and it doesn't work.  Right before a 12 hour shift a small thing broke yesterday at work.  Well, it's my job to deal with such matters to defend the free world so I had at it.  A minor issue, like a bulb on a car.  After trying all my tricks and charms it still remained broke, and by no-dark-hundred I had to bow-out for changeover, leaving the presumably very small mess to the oncoming crew of 2 with a third augmenting.  Turns out it was quite a more serious issue and hadn't been fixed by the afternoon, but I'm on my break of a few days now, though Becky was able to fill me in with some unclass info.

What seemed to be a turn signal bulb burnt-out on a car it ended up being the entire electronic control unit computer on the whole car.  Not something you'd expect from a bad blinker bulb, and not something you'd physically replace.  Certainly, you start with the bulb, move on the fuse and what-not.  Standard procedure but still.. ugh.. needs a new catalyzer?

"Sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed."
 -Kaylee of Firefly from the episode Out of Gas
(my favorite episode btw)

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