Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Columba the Dove? Snow and Galaxy Fest!

I've been scanning the very late night sky for Columba, The Dove constellation, south of Orion and Lepus (Lepus is the mess of stars just south of Orion's feet) (aka Night of the Leups starring DeForest Kelley).  At 41deg declination I can just make out the primary constellations of the Tropic of Capricorn, which to me is pretty exciting (such a nerd).  You can't see them from my hometown of northern Boston suburbs, except maybe in February, and just barely, but my hometown is overwhelmed with trees it makes it hard to see stars on the horizon.  Anyway, I believe I just saw it tonite at 5am which is pretty happytimes for me, as well as Puppis, Argos' ship, and Caelum the Chisel, and Pyxis the Compass, all southern constellations, albeit partially.  SCORE!

Tomorrow it's supposed to plunge into the twenties and snow up to a foot on us (which means about 1" after the hype).  Make sure you have your winter tires on, kids.  You do have winter tires, don't you?  H&H Tire in Fountain can put some cheap-o's on for you if need be for cheap.  Enjoy the winter wonderland!  I'm amused people prefer no-weather-radials.  SUVs crash insanely with their AWD as I track effortlessly across in my little snow-tire'd hatchback.  Shrug.  Paradigns.

GalaxyFest 2012 is sort of a Starfest appetizer for Colorado Springs.  This year, Robert Picardo, Denise Crosby, and Dean Haglund will be there, amongst another dozen stars, which is pretty cool.  Looks like it's $40 per person for the 3 days (you can't buy one day only so far).  Not bad, only $13 a day.  Yes, you should wear a costume, as it's a sort of free-for-all costume party.  Freakin' wear a saucepan over your head and be Joxter for Chrissake.  ;P  Oooo, Zombie Crawl!


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