Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't play any longer!

Fingers are actually shaking from playing too much guitar such that I can't even produce a solo note!  Hilarious.  Been playing for about 4 hours or so but some of the chords are uncomfortable to hold.  Fingertips are completely numb.  Good day's work.  Drinking some Speyside scotch to wind down, in this case, Cardhu 12-year single malt (which is rarer than the vat blend but happily cheap at $35 for a bottle).  One of my cheapest owned whiskies but reminds me of the stormy night on the rocky coast of the Irish Sea when a friend asked me what a perfect woman was.

Coax me to sleep, oh Scottish dreams, and soothe this bard's aching and aging fingers as I relisten to my haunting melody unfinished.

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