Monday, October 3, 2011

One last consideration

About SuckerPunch.  Consider this:  BabyDoll and SweetPea are the same person.  Both lost a little sister.  BabyDoll escapes her haunting memories (father, Blue's acts during the 5 days which are probably bad by considering the brothel/caberet-coping unreality, her dead sister and mother) by way of lobotomy, her last vision is another escape by way of "Paradise" (notice the sign at the bus station) in the self-guise of SweetPea (remember, they're the same person, but SweetPea is her confident side in her own mind).  A give-away is the bus driver and the soldier boy who only existed in her other adventures during the caberet layer and the battle layer.

The events of the map,key,fire, etc. did happen by way of Gorsky's agreement at the end, and it's likely someone did escape for real, doing some good in the end, but we never get to meet that escapee.  Rocket and Blondie weren't real either.


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