Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fed up with stupid people today.

I'm so bored with Occupy Wall Street protesters, I'm apt to join them but since they're so unorganized and decentralized with no clear idea of what they actually want or how to fix it, I'm going in with a sign that reads, "Give Banks a Break!  More money FOR banks!"

Children, if you want a big company to be squelched, stop buying their products.  McDonald's can be destroyed in two months if everyone stops going, same with a bank, more or less.

I'm FOR big businesses, because unlike the government, if it gets out-of-hand, you can stop buying their products and they'll drop to their knees.  More control there, than say, a government.  Good luck with that.  Much easier not buying a McDouble than shooting at the US Marines, eh?  Well, somewhat.  Those McDoubles with jalapeno relish are tasty.

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