Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Metallica is officially dead.

The band Metallica has finished a duet with Lou Reed of Velvet Underground called Lulu a bit ago.  A snippit has been released.. it's difficult to listen to.  Really.. really bad.  Like epic-bad.  Like Queensryche's Dedicated to Chaos bad.  Metallica is now unrecognizable.  Here's the clip:

It's interesting that it sounds like Murray Head of the play Chess of the song One Night in Bangkok seems to have an influence here.  I am the brute?  Indeed.  Yuck.

Alas, Hitler of World War II did not appreciate it either:

The movie from this parodied clip is actually quite good and is about Hitler's last days called Downfall that came out in 2004.  It's on Netflix and I recommend it strongly.  It's in German, so you'll have to read (awww).  Unintelligent people won't want to watch it because of the following reasons:
  1. It's an old movie about an old event
  2. You have to read and reading's for nerds
  3. It's got no CGI
  4. It isn't by JJ Abrams or Michael Bay
My review of  it:
Zombies: D-
Comic book fans: A
Everybody else: A+

Zombies: D-
Metallica fans: D
Everybody Else: N+

Incidentally, this creature is also, Lulu from the brilliant TV series, Land of the Lost in season 3:
Jump to 0:23 to 0:30 and you'll see the two-headed mutant serpant, Lulu:

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