Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Garbage fans

Apparently, Shirley Manson of Garbage got bored and made several songs on a solo album that was never released because, as she said, they were too noir.  Oui?  Here are three of the demos, you decide:

Pretty Horses:

In the Snow:

Film noir indeed.  Dark stuff, really.  Reminds me of a bit of her album Angelfish without the rock element, with a touch of The World is Not Enough James Bond single.  Guess it's hard when you're a T-1000.

She speaks:
"I had taken some of my solo music into the record label. They didn't really care for the direction I was moving in and I found it really disheartening. They wanted a pop hit, which I understand in terms of making money. I get that. But what they were going to ask of me was something I wasn't prepared to deliver and I felt kind of trapped. I just stopped writing. I just stopped. It was stifling". -- Shirley Manson

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