Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wall Street Protesters still at it

Well, they're still at it.  Down with money.  This is a worldwide thing (like Prestige Worldwide.. wide.. wide) with the free world.  Strange it's not hapenning in Saudi Arabia where the violently rich are lavishing in virgin-spit baths eating saffron-encrusted gems and baby alien tar-tar.  Hm.

You can see some photos worldwide wide..wide..wide (echo) here:
Pay particular attention to photo number 10, which is "down with banks" motif.  So... you don't like your money protected or gaining interest.. or borrowing any, ever.  Well, you can simply put it in your mattress or buy gold bullion if you like, son.  It's your option.  There's no crime to own wads of cash or bullion or lemon-soaked-napkins or whatever you want.  Banks are clearly and simply an option.  Lending is also clearly an option.  No one is going to stop you from saving up and putting your money into physical gold and storing bricks under your bed or burying it in your back yard, then converting that to cash to buy a car or house.  Less safe that way, sure sure, but you can consider a safety deposit box at a post office if you must avoid banks.  Sheesh.

Strange call for an equality of socialism here.  Just because Ray Kroc did well selling cheap-ass hamburgers over his lifetime doesn't mean he's a criminal.  McDonald's is also a choice.  Don't eat there if you don't want to.  Also, should be punish him for starting small and doing well? 

What about Starbucks?  Small Seattle-based coffee shop selling burnt beans (making them homogenized for the mass-production so it all tastes the same worldwide (wide wide)).  You buy the stuff.  You drink it.  Why punish those who knew how to market it with candy-flavored high-fructose syrup that girls crave, thinking they're drinking something more healthy than 5 Pepsis?  Oh, wait.  They got the low-fat milk.  That counters the 9000 calories of corn syrup that was dumped into the burnt-bean coffee.  Who's idea was it to put carmel-flavored corn-syrup into a machiatto?  That's a horrible choice of flavoring in a machiatto in my opinion.  Maybe a teaspoon of vanilla-bean extract perhaps but a machiatto stands well on its own.  And whipped cream?  Please, children.  Grow the frak up.

Ultimately, people are doing poorly because they aren't working or willing to work a shite job.  They want to thumb their phones and play Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies all the freakin' day.  This does not get you food or heat.  People are laughingly willing to spend upwards of $100 a month for phone service.  I pay quite a small sum for mine through T-Mobile, like $19 with free internet service, but only for emergencies.  Blackberries and IPhones pay a premium. Is your life really that important?  More so than mine?  I fracking doubt it unless you're military (and not day-staff support or support in general, losers) or a doctor (not lawyers, bloodsucking opportunists) not a priest (the hope you give is estranged as you don't live a real life) or maybe an assassin or something bad-ass like that.  You're all useless zombies unless you do something significant.  I suggest you reconsider your life and put your phone down.  At least cut some hair or something.  Mullets can change the world.  Insist on them.

Sigh.  Well, not everyone's useless.  I'm just annoyed with those who are self-important to have a digital toy but don't feed their kids, etc.  Maybe it gives them a little joy, a little distraction from their empty lives I guess.  Maybe a little break like what a cigarette would do 20 years ago.  Or heroin.  Just as long as they can put it down and focus on now.

These protesters are focusing on the top 1% of the rich being leaders.  So what?  They got that way through cleverness.  You don't become rich easily.  You need some sort of skill or craftiness.  What about the bottom 1%?  Let's focus on them!  Odds are they're criminals and should be put behind bars or executed for their failure to contribute to society!  Yeah!  Let's kill them!  See how the reverse postulate is insane?  Is it their fault for being poor?  Well, probably.  Should we gas the ghettos of the world?  So Nazi-esque.  Same holds true for the rich.  See?  Inhuman.

I don't see why rich should be punished for doing well just like the poor shouldn't be punished for doing poorly.  If you can manipulate a market in your favor and the masses are duped and buy bad cars, etc. then it's the masses' fault, not the rich.  Manipulating stupid people is the way of the world for thousands of years.  Look at the evil jihadists.  Using folks to think the Koran is a key to murder.  It isn't, nor is it evil.  Stupid people are manipulated all the time.  Look at those who think Starbucks is good.  Dumb.

Should we force the rich to have a wealth-cap?  Why allow the football players of the NFL to get millions of dollars?  Why aren't we not going to football games?  Boycott 'em.  Don't go.  Ever.  Let them play for free.  Let them play for the love of the sport.  Why go to movies?  Same deal.  You're all stupid.  YOU pay them their wealth.  Willingly.  Stupidly.  If you don't want them wealthy it takes 30 days to collapse Apple, or New Line Cinema, or the NFL.  Don't buy Halo Eleventeen.  Don't buy a new cellphone.  Canel yours.  Stop paying $100 a month for shite.  Fine, you want results?  Do it.  Don't pay them.  Stop.  Don't get a loan anymore.  Don't save money in an account.  Solved.  Idiots.

Ultimately YOU voted wrong for your leader.  You were suckered into buying into a good-looking guy without considering the ramifications or what he stood for.  You thought with the wrong part of the brain.  Yay we won?  Indeed.  A prize every time.

I'm a fan of the 9/9/9 plan, despite it's infinite uncharted possible results.  Everyone pays 9% federal income tax.  Flipping it makes it not evil.  Nero was that number.  It's proven by a thousand scholars and theologists when he was feeding Christians to the lions.  Already done so get over it.  Look it up.  Get a book and read.  This would make my 41% taxes I paid last year go down which I'm a fan of.  Most people pay about 28% total taxes state and federal.  Federal is usually about 20% or more of that figure.  More money for all and no loopholes for charity or what not (though I suspect this will be affected as it no longer buys tax breaks).  No more tax breaks for people having 1000 kids.  Just 9%.  Still fair.  Should be a constitutional amendment that it cannot change.  Win.

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